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Zhenping against illegal fish poison case   more than and 500 kg of fish were poisoned — Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: original title: Zhenping breaking illegal poison fish case recently, Mouyu suspected in diverting water from the illegal fish poison suspect Peng Shaanxi province Zhenping county public security bureau to Zhenping county people’s Procuratorate for approval of arrest. 7:14 on August 3rd, Shaanxi Province health city Zhenping county Water Conservancy Bureau law enforcement officers received a report from the masses, said diverting water from the water hole to Shimenzi River in river fish. After receiving the report, the County Water Conservancy Bureau law enforcement officers and police station rushed to the scene at the same time clock treasure, I saw the river fish, shrimp and aquatic organisms into death. After investigation, the poisoning basin up to 5 km or so, the preliminary estimate of poisoned fish 7 kinds, weight up to more than and 500 kg. Zhenping county public security bureau quickly set up a task force. Zhenping county government Secretary of Party members, the Public Security Bureau, Jixue renzuchang. In charge of the criminal investigation of Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, political commissar Deng Mingshan led the project team, carpet investigation. The police investigation found that a bi who lives in a village bell town, in August 3rd at around 2 am, due to send the patient to the hospital via the county site, encountered a "Chongqing F**862 license plate black car parked in front of the attractions. The ad hoc group immediately relying on analyzing video monitoring information, to find out the suspect vehicle trajectory. Through the help of information technology support and accurate Chongqing city police in Wuxi in September 2nd, in Wuxi County of Chongqing City, Xu Jia Zhen suspect Peng Mouyu (male, 58 years old, Chongqing Wuxi people) arrested, and seized 1 cars. Yuan Mouzhi (male, Wuxi Bailu town) now fled, currently has been listed as online pursuit of suspects. In the afternoon of August 2, 2016, the suspect Peng Mouyu invited Yuan Mouzhi to Zhenping county fish, Yuan promised, with Peng Mouyu carrying 8 bottles of fenpropathrin "fish poison drugs drove to zhenping. After dark, two people arrived at the site to play early in the morning, the suspect Peng Mouyu went to the middle of the water curtain Cave Scenic bridge, 8 bottles of fenpropathrin "drugs were dumped in the river, twenty minutes later, the suspect Peng Mouyu, yuan Mouzhi is the river for picking up the poisoned fish, the fish are found in the process of picking up hastily fled the car lights. At present, the suspect Peng Mouyu has been Zhenping county public security bureau to Zhenping county Procuratorate approved the arrest. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: