Zheng Shuang there is a set of ring powder to fans hair biscuits candy 90 degrees bowed in Beijing noiseware

Zheng Shuang: there is a circle of powder biscuits candy to the fans bowed 90 degrees – Beijing, Beijing, September 24, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, actress Zheng Shuang to "smile" is turned to soaring popularity, about to show. Recently busy filming, Chen Xuedong and Bai Jingting cooperation drama "summer solstice", many fans to visit the set, the scene was packed. But she is still very patient and interact with each other, the detailed process was put on the network, get a piece of praise. Zheng Shuang 23 days of filming in Xiamen, after the shooting by fans containment. She was wearing jeans and a light blue shirt, a beautiful hair, and fans laugh, seems to be in a good mood. She not only generous help fans signature, but also gave a big hug, in order to facilitate the pictures, deliberately slow down, the middle finger constantly remind the people far away, don’t walk down the street, watch cars. She also asked the staff provided biscuits candy, and finally into the elevator to 90 fans bowed farewell, a series of actions are praising no star shelf. For Zheng Shuang’s warm heart action, fans said, so intimate idol, there is no reason not to like you, not only will respect the staff, the fans are also very care. Many users see this picture more call "I want to be a circle of powder", but some people think that she has to make a movie become thin, want her to eat a little, pay attention to health, not tired.相关的主题文章: