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Zhejiang trillion integrated transport project of the Ningbo airport to build ten million airport yesterday, a reporter from the Zhejiang provincial government office learned that Zhejiang to build urban economy, supporting marine economy, open economy, the economic development of the four big beautiful traffic corridor, the implementation of comprehensive traffic engineering trillion, and strive to build the capital City and high-speed railway the air 1 hour traffic circle, the first to build a modern comprehensive transportation system, traffic province. In the next few years, the province’s comprehensive transportation infrastructure construction investment will exceed 1 trillion yuan, including the railway and city track traffic of about 500 billion yuan, about 400 billion yuan, the road station 46 billion yuan, 70 billion yuan, waterway civil airport 25 billion yuan, 35 billion yuan pipeline. The improvement of highway and railway network construction, high-speed rail 1 hour traffic circle in recent years, the rapid development of high-speed rail, so that the original itinerary for the whole day, reduced to a few hours, which makes the people truly feel the rapid traffic convenience. However, this is not enough. The reporter learned that Zhejiang should further improve the construction of railway and highway network, high-speed 1 hour traffic circle, to achieve county highway, the first to build the "four rural road" (construction and management, maintenance and operation of good national model). In the aspect of inter provincial trunk railway construction, to build nine Jing Qu, Hangzhou Huang, Qu Ning, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Taiwan Lake gold Yongdeng new railway operating mileage of more than 1 thousand and 400 km. By 2020, the railway network will be built with a mileage of more than 3 thousand and 900 km. In the metropolitan intercity railway construction, Zhejiang will be fully started construction of Hangzhou metropolitan area, Ningbo metropolitan area, Wenzhou City Group and Zhejiang city group intercity railway, Hangzhou to Fuyang, Hangzhou completed operations to Ling’an, Ningbo to Fenghua, Wenzhou, Taizhou S1 line S1 line project. By 2020, the operating mileage of more than and 300 km. To accelerate the development of city rail traffic, Hangzhou, Ningbo city rail transit period, the construction of two planning projects have to be built, and accelerate Jiaxing, Huzhou rail transit planning work, to 2020, the province’s city rail traffic mileage of more than and 380 km total plan. The "double double 1000" project should be implemented, "double ten thousand" is built 10 highway projects, 10 new construction of expressway project, built about 1000 km mileage (including widening mileage), completed an investment of about 170 billion yuan. At the same time, but also the implementation of the general national and provincial "three two thousand" project, completed an investment of 200 billion yuan, built 2000 kilometers, 2000 kilometers above construction. Air to promote Ningbo, Wenzhou airport has become a large-scale airport in Zhejiang, a modern integrated transport system will be how to build? The reporter learned from the provincial government office, located in the aircraft, focus on building the Hangzhou regional international gateway airport, Wenzhou airport, Ningbo to promote as tens of millions of large airports, build the interconnection network construction of the air general airport, 1 hour traffic circle. Zhejiang Provincial Department of transportation official said, there are still a lot of short board aviation, such as the homogenization of the province’s airport is more serious, the hub of the hub airport is not strong,.相关的主题文章: