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Zhejiang students physique announced Hangzhou again come out on top of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education recently released college students physical health test data of 2015 year. This is the Zhejiang since 2010 to establish a "student physical health" notification system, for seventh consecutive years to inform the community of students physical health monitoring results. Data show that in 2015, 104 colleges and universities in Zhejiang province (including the level of College) nearly 200 thousand freshmen physical health test scores were divided into average score of 72.88 points, the pass rate of 92.98%, a good rate of 18.02%, excellent rate of 0.79%. Compared with last year, this year the province’s college freshmen physical health test scores average score, pass rate, good rate, excellent rate has improved. Compared with the past three years, the test results of each item showed a trend of increasing year by year. Data is more prominent in Hangzhou, scored the average score of the city’s total score and the passing rate of the first, which is the five consecutive year in Hangzhou in the list of leading cities in Zhejiang. The data of college freshmen speed, flexibility, endurance quality is better "short board" still exists: the difference of pull ups, sit ups 2015 year test single college students physical health evaluation results are consistent with the previous two years. Compared with 2014, in 2015, the physical fitness of College Freshmen in Zhejiang has been improved. The test results of each project, our province university freshmen speed, flexibility, endurance quality is good, vital capacity, 50 meter run, sit and reach, standing long jump and 1000800 meter run project test pass rate generally above 80%. While the power quality project (UPS UPS) score is relatively low (an average of 44.53 points, 55.30% pass rate). From September 2014 onwards, pull-up (male), sit ups (female) to become the middle and high school students will test the project. One day, the boys pull up 4 to pass from the second grade to high pass line increased 1, three pass line 9, line 10 for a qualified. Experts said that the family conditions are good, rich in nutrition, the children grew faster, weight gain, pull ups, many boys think it is difficult, "pull" on their hands. In addition, most of the children are now home, the relative lack of sports, but also directly lead to a lower pass rate of this project. However, there are physical education teachers believe that the passing rate is low because many schools did not attach great importance to the quality of power projects. One teacher said, more than and 10 years ago, "chin up" is one of the middle school students’ physique test subjects, and later because of the national standard not included, many schools do not pay attention to the lack of exercise, low yield. Ranking students physical condition: Hangzhou best Taizhou bottom data show that 11 cities in Zhejiang Province, the average Hangzhou students survey and the qualified rate are ranked first; the average one, ranked two or three are Quzhou city and Jiaxing city; in a qualified rate, Quzhou ranked second, Huzhou ranked in third. The two list of the top two are Wenzhou, Taizhou. Provincial Department of education, the relevant person in charge, there are some differences in the level of physical health of students throughout the province, the total score of the average score and pass rate, compared with the previous year.相关的主题文章: