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You are so old, how can not marry! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number "career women" marriage marriage is one of the most important things in life. With the growth of age, parents will be more and more eager to urge us to get married as soon as possible. How do you choose your parents’ eyes and heavy pressure? Question personal information: small J   31 year old girl in Changsha is really a lot of life dilemma, one side is the freedom and love they want, while parents expect. My parents worked hard life, we have three siblings, we are as they live up to expectations, but we all love, because the cause of left home. Brother and brother have been married, my parents became Empty Nester, has been in the 31 year old married not worry about my daughter. In fact, I have not ready to get married, I don’t particularly love Chinese marriage, marriage and traditional law relationship on women’s position. I want to save my heart first, next year to go to the United Kingdom to read a master’s degree in education, and then work abroad for a year, then go back to continue teaching. I have talked about love, met a lot of people who love me, but also deeply loved others. Now there is a boy who is very good to me, his family is also very good, I believe that after marriage will have a better ability to take care of their parents, but I do not love him. I have been persuaded to accept him, I have missed a lot, I am afraid to miss him in this life will be difficult to meet a better man. But no matter how hard I try to convince myself, it’s hard to act. It’s really hard to choose! Analaysis J encountered problems include — parents urge marriage pressure, I do not know should continue to pursue freedom and love, or to comply with the wishes of their parents to get married as soon as possible. Answer you are not only hurt themselves, but also hurt others in fact, this choice is not difficult, but she always suppress their true thoughts. Does she really want to study in the UK? If she really learned the essence of the emotion in the environment, the problem may not exist. She said she tried very hard to accept the boy, I especially for the boy. I love you so much, but you see me sick, but also to convince myself to get along with me, it will make him more hurt ah. Every one who loves you wants them to be loved by you, you seem to sacrifice yourself, but in fact, people pay more. Have you ever thought about how others feel when you do this? You talked about your difficulties is the ability to take care of their parents, but you are three cousins, you have your own brother and brother, I and your ability is good, and not to have a good condition to be able to take care of their parents, so the reason is not enough. Your parents are worrying about you, fear you lonely, afraid of your future marriage is not happiness, not want you to marry a person who does not love themselves for their economic security. On the one hand you seem to have a lot to do with yourself相关的主题文章: