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Yixian County youth activities center, former director of corruption and sentenced to 5 months imprisonment penalty of 110 thousand yuan recently, Yixian County County Court on the youth program former director Wang Mouchun alleged corruption case verdict, sentenced to 5 months detention and fined 110 thousand yuan. Currently, the judgment has come into effect. It is understood that the 51 year old defendant Wang Mouchun has long been engaged in rural education, good at art, was awarded the title of outstanding teachers in Huangshan City in 1993. As of the incident, it has been engaged in education, training and other work for about 30 years. 2008, Wang Xiaochun served as director of the Yixian County youth activities center. The extracurricular activities center less thing, from 2011 onwards, Wang Xiaochun is responsible for the class registration, and fees, due to the insufficient autonomy, resist corruption awareness is not strong, coupled with the internal supervision mechanism is weak, in the period from 2011 to 2015, Wang Xiaochun taking advantage of his position, take the interception of income, not accounted for and false, impersonator and other illegal ways, misappropriation of state-owned property, the cumulative defrauding 63990 yuan, for the family expenses. Among them, for the activities of the center’s cleaning costs have not missed. Until the 2015 Yixian County board of education discipline in their activities to check the students’ accounts, it truthfully to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Personnel Education Bureau explained the relevant facts of the crime, and after the incident, withdrew all the money. Yixian County prosecutors believe that corruption should be held criminally responsible. In the trial, the defendant Wang Mouchun and his defenders have no objections to the allegations of the prosecution, but the hope that the court will be exempted from criminal punishment. In view of Wang Xiaochun after appearing in court, can truthfully confessed crimes, after the incident out of all the money, pleaded guilty in court, surrender and other lighter or mitigated circumstances, the court then made the above judgment according to law. Original title: Yixian County dug Shuoshu education"! Former director of the center for youth activities outside the school was convicted of corruption!相关的主题文章: