Yiwu, a driver hit the dead 1 years before the last year and now undocumented drunk driving p8400

Yiwu a year before the driver hit dead 1 years in prison and now drunk driving without a license, the saying goes, "once bitten, twice shy of ten years." Arguably, painful experience should be accompanied by profound lessons, however, in the face of administrative detention for 5 days and fined 3000 Yuan fines Wang, "lesson" is clearly a deep enough. The afternoon of September 22nd, and suspected undocumented drunk driving Jiangxi Leping Ji guy Wang Jinhua Yiwu City Public Security Bureau formally detained, facing heavy fines, Wang a look of remorse, "is your luck……" It is understood that in September 20th at 1 pm, Yiwu city traffic police squadron of police and the Police Association in Chouzhou North Road to the mountain and righteousness driving drunk driving traffic violations. The oncoming car without a license plate of the BMW car card in the nearby police suddenly stopped, then quickly reversing back. BMW car suddenly reversed this dangerous move almost hit the back of the car, experience tells us that the car must have a problem." At the time of the police on duty told reporters, in this critical moment, 2 police guard beside the road without hesitation, quickly stepped forward to stop. See no way of escape, BMW car driver had to obediently was arrested". Just open the door, the police can smell clear alcohol, the driver Wang alcohol test, the results showed that the alcohol content is 76 mg, 80 mg of drunk driving and critical value compared to only 4 mg. Police on duty told reporters, this young man is doing scarf factory in Yiwu, is now in Changchun residential area. According to his own account, the evening after dinner with a few customers to a bar in the business district to drink and chat, Wang drank about two or three bottles of beer, until the end of the party until about 1 in the morning." Wang came out from the bar, knowing that he can not drive, but feel lucky, and their driving technology confidence, they will drive their own car to buy a new BMW ready to return home to rest. "I think I did not back, the middle of the night traffic police may also work. This is my luck he drove back, I did not expect just to Yi mountain driving was arrested." Wang told reporters, was thinking if the traffic police did not see, I ran back, the car did not license plate." In the face of touching the high-pressure lifeline punishment, Wang regret. But it is far more than that, the reporter learned from the police department, after the police after further investigation, careful police found Wang and the "record": in 2014, Wang was killed by a car accident, and bear the main responsibility for the accident. Therefore, Wang’s driver’s license has been revoked, the court was also sentenced to a year in prison. In 2015, after the release of Wang left Jiangxi, and his family came to the Yiwu Office of the scarf factory. In view of two serious traffic violations drove Wang and drunk driving without a license, and shall be given a heavier punishment plot, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Wang punishment of administrative detention for 5 days, a fine of 3000 yuan. Here, the traffic police department to remind the driver, driving do not drink, do not drink and drive "is not just a slogan, obey the traffic rules, or luck, is responsible for the safety of their lives, is also responsible for the lives of other people.相关的主题文章: