Yang Mi at the airport, and Hawick Lau’s marriage Jutan t420s

Yang Mi at the airport, Jutan and Hawick Lau’s marriage of Hawick Lau and Wang Ou stills in November 9th, "All Star" in micro-blog broke the news, Hawick Lau suspected derailed Wang Ou. In the birthday in Xinjiang filming Hawick Lau, without the company of Yang Mi, but also Wang Ou’s care, the "weekend couples" shoot during the day when they close, the night in solitude is to let people fall into a reverie. October 15th evening 8:30, back to the hotel Hawick Lau, not long before he went straight to the room until 12:30, just go out to return to the room, two people alone at night for 4 hours. 16 early in the morning, Wang Ou will go out to go to the crew after makeup, then, Hawick Lau also out of the car from the hotel. Morning, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau coming out of the airport, asked about the situation, she Jutan marital problems, the move sparked hot friends. When a reporter asked to call the small glutinous rice? Yang Mi responded by saying, "every day". Subsequently, a reporter asked about the filming so busy call Hawick Lau?" Yang Mi side staff busy to help interrupt: "sorry, do not ask." Currently, the parties did not respond to this, Phoenix Entertainment will continue to focus on the matter, further verification to verify the authenticity of the news.相关的主题文章: