Xuzhou bus rear end road to peace bus accidents involve the case (video) zghd

Xuzhou bus rear end road to peace bus accidents involve "the case" yesterday, the road to peace with the original common traffic accident, but the accident involved a "case" bus and bus rear ended yesterday at 9 o’clock in the morning, the reporter saw the two car accident vehicle in a peaceful way and Cloud Road intersection and in front of a bus, behind a bus of an enterprise, the mirror right in front of the bus was damaged and the front of the bus after the window is completely broken. The traffic police brigade four squadron of police are investigating both drivers. The traffic police brigade four squadron instructor Zhang Xuelin introduced today, about 8:30 in the morning, they received the alarm, saying in the vicinity of the peace road north gate of Longshan cloud of the traffic accident, they rushed to the scene, found was a small collision accident and no injuries, in order to avoid the occurrence of peace road traffic congestion, they will be the two vehicle accident to the cloud road vehicles less processing. When the driver’s license appeared when the bus driver Peng Peng to produce a driver’s license, the police found Peng this driver’s license is a problem, because the driver’s license is too rough, take a look at the false. The C1 driver’s license was withheld and drunk driving, police online query Pengmou driver information, found that the original holders of the C1 license, because of drunk driving, in 2015 February, the traffic police department’s license was withheld until now has not received treatment. Buy the fake A1 license open bus Pengmou told reporters at the scene, he was really a C1 driving license, never achieved the A1 driver’s license, in his original unit car, some time ago due to a lack of unit temporary bus driver, so he spent 150 yuan to buy a Book fake A1 driver’s license, deceive the unit leadership, pretended to have A1 driver’s license, can bus. In this way, he became a bus driver, every morning and evening when the transfer of the staff to work. Did not expect to be out of the accident in the north gate hill. There are a number of illegal acts or detained by police officer Zhang introduction, preliminary verification found that the driver has a number of traffic violations; license detained according to continue driving, driving without a license, will be fined and imprisoned. Quasi driving models do not match, can be fined. Forged motor vehicle driver’s license can be fined and detained. Zhang Xuelin said they would bring the driver back to the brigade, to continue its investigation and inquiry, and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to deal with it. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. The thief found more than 70 mobile phone customers immediately instructed the police cracked the case in the case ""相关的主题文章: