Xuan first special stamps pattern for westbound, east to the new network – in winavi

"Xuan" first special stamps pattern for westbound, east to the one of the new network "-" special stamps in Xuan Qin Hua photo Beijing, September 4 Changzhou Xinhua (reporter Tang Juan) September 4th, "Xuan" first special stamps. Jiangsu Changzhou Millennium Temple Tianning Temple within a large silver monk like "long journey", "he" held the first special stamps to commemorate the event, one of the famous monk. China post is scheduled to be issued in September 4, 2016, "special stamps" 1 sets of 2, small Zhang Zhang 1. The stamps contents are: westbound, east to the small picture, as Xuanzang like. The set of stamps by Li Yunzhong, the original design. The China stamp design of meticulous painting form, depicting vivid meticulous, elegant picture. A small by Nanjing Jinling carved by "watermark engraving Sutra" as the background, the picture shows Xuan Zang translated the "heart" of the scene, the image is vivid, true to life, "engraving Sutra" and "Xuan Zang" are just perfect. Master Xuan Zang has deep ties with Jiangsu, a symbol of Buddhist wisdom Xuan Zang relics in Nanjing have two bury hidden place. The same day, in Changzhou Tianning Temple, a large silver monk like "held long journey" before the first event attracted many philatelists. It is understood that the image of silver by the abbot Songchun monk to raise money, and the master of art created by the Central Academy of fine arts professor Ren Shimin and Zhang Wenyu national technology, silver like 1.68 meters long, 1.08 meters wide, 2.28 meters high, with nearly 80 kilograms of silver, silver chisel on completion. China Post Changzhou branch of the relevant person in charge Chen Weixian introduction, stamps known as the national business card. Buddhism is a very important content of the stamp show, "" special stamps in Xuanzang Pagoda in silver before the launching ceremony held as Xuanzang, karma auspicious, synergy of conditions, will become an important carrier of excellent and dissemination of Buddhist culture, show the unique charm of Buddhism culture in the confusion between the social being all the kindness of people of all ages. (end)相关的主题文章: