Xiamen won the Fujian national demonstration area of only the list of global tourism districts diqua

Xiamen won the Fujian state global tourism demonstration area only the list of districts Xiamen city – Xiamen Fuzhou daily news (correspondent Zhang Jun) reporter yesterday from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, National Tourism Bureau recently released the second batch of the list to create a national comprehensive tourism demonstration zone, Xiamen city on the list. Xiamen has become the only city in the province with the honor of the city. The Provincial Tourism Bureau, carry out the "national comprehensive tourism demonstration zone to create work, to promote the national tourism industry is changing from" tourism "to" global tourism development model, build a new tourism development pattern. These years, the advantages of ecological resources in our province rely on, focusing on the construction of universal participation in the global ecological tourism province, started the "fresh Fujian" a gilded signboard. Previously, our province has 9 counties of Pingtan, Wuyishan, Taining city comprehensive experimentation area, Dongshan County, Yongchun county and Pingnan County, Yongding District, Xianyou County, Liancheng County selected the first national comprehensive tourism demonstration zone "to create a list of. Create a list of the second batch in Xiamen City, including Yongtai County, Dehua County, Youxi County, Jianning County, Wu Ping county. At present, the province has 15 units to create a "national global tourism demonstration zone".相关的主题文章: