Xiamen power grid was destroyed and strive to restore power 19 darren hayes

Xiamen power grid was destroyed for 19 days of the city to restore power in September 16, xinhuanet.com Xiamen (Liu Mohan) the evening of 16, held in Xiamen city after the disaster recovery work and power supply, water supply of municipal traffic news briefing, the livelihood of the people of the city water, electricity, transportation and other people involved in the vital interests of the detail description. Typhoon "Meranti" to Xiamen city a devastating blow, built-up area green area of more than 90% victims, the city lodging trees about 600000, severely damaged trees nearly 400 thousand lines, city landscape is a mess, the short term is difficult to recover. Deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau Wang Weijun said, Xiamen two invested a total of more than 10 thousand professional and technical personnel to participate in road greening cleanup work, the troops of Fujian province and other city garden, the forestry department also sent forces reinforcements. Expected in the next 2-3 days, Xiamen city road landscape has been basically restored. The typhoon, resulting in Xiamen 103 Sinopec, PetroChina gas station affected to varying degrees, mainly the power supply interruption, water equipment, fuel tank collapse and other issues, leading to normal refueling. Zhang Shizhao, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of letters, said, after continuous repair, there are already 59 gas stations to resume business. Among them, the Sinopec system to resume business 39, the oil system to restore the seat of the 20. The water, as of 16 at 6 pm, Xiamen City, Jimei Haicang, Xinglin water supply has returned to normal, there are 55 thousand households on the island (9%) water difficulties with users, mainly some high lying areas. Xiamen water group general manager Zhang Liyong said that at present, the water plant, water supply facilities on the island are no problem, but the water is too large, 24 hours has reached 735 thousand tons, an increase of 200 thousand tons more than usual, basically at full load condition, so some regional water pressure is not enough, is expected to 16 at night can resume normal. Zhang Liyong also said that due to the problem of external power supply interruption, Xiangan district (the Eaux water area) about 17 thousand households (11%) are water difficulties; Tongan water gap is large, there are 200 thousand households (66%) existing water problems. After the restoration of electricity, these issues will be gradually resolved. The typhoon path through the transmission line corridor is intensive, devastating blow for Xiamen power grid, 6 220kV substations, 21 220kV Transformer lines and other equipment outage, the power outage of 552 thousand and 200 households, Tongan, Xiangan electric power interruption. Deputy general manager of the State Grid Xiamen power company Xu Zhiyong said, the state power Power Grid Corp allocation resource, sent 2 helicopters to Xiamen for repairs, Fujian province electric power company mobilized more than 4500 electricity from around the body to repair professional and technical personnel and 26 units in Xiamen power generation car repair support. As of 16 pm on the afternoon of, a total of restoration of the 5 units of the 22 kV substation, the 220 thousand volt line 14. Affected about 500000 of the power outage has been restored to power supply of about 161 thousand and 200, there are nearly 400 thousand to restore power supply, repair is still in progress, to 17.相关的主题文章: