Xiamen 90% green trees lodging a variety of reasons behind the analysis of Tsinghua professor (video roxane hayward

Xiamen 90% green trees lodging a variety of reasons behind the analysis of Tsinghua Professor Tsinghua Professor analysis of the problems in Xiamen and other city greening, Municipal Gardens Bureau responded to the morning news reporter Chen Luyang Yang "as a city of ecological researchers, I feel very bitter." Xiamen looked at hundreds of thousands of trees lodging, Tsinghua University, associate professor of Earth System Science Center Yang Jun said. "Meranti" typhoon brought heavy losses to Xiamen, but Xiamen in accurate early warning, strict prevention and rapid rescue, the typhoon to people and property damage to a minimum. But it is worth noting that the typhoon brought to Xiamen green damage is devastating. By the end of statistics, a total of 650 thousand trees lodging, greening the damaged area of 90%. Recently, Yang Jun in the network published a report entitled "study on the city ecological needs down to earth" article, from a professional point of view to Xiamen and the reflection of existence in city afforestation, Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau also made a reflection and response. Select the tree will be more reflective of "soil" Yang Jun mentioned that the U.S. Forest Service of 150 common tree species in the city wind, found palm plants in some other species is wind, wind including crape myrtle, holly, Taxodium, broad leaf Magnolia and oak trees; and the wind is not included as Ma Guamu, pear tree, elm waringin, pine, etc.. The drooping leaf trees Xiamen Rongzhan proportion first, up to 13.2%. Indeed, in the typhoon, the territory of Xiamen palm plants fared well — almost lose only a few leaves, they proudly. According to the Municipal Statistics, the typhoon, strong trees and Ficus, Casuarina, ficusaltissima, mango, Bischofia etc.. Municipal Bureau of parks and Scenic Management Office Director Shen Boyuan introduced, the typhoon of a large number of trees lodging, should not be blamed for all species, we should look at the objective, "the wind is too large, exceeding the wind resistance of many trees. In particular, a strong gust of wind, destructive force – often this tree is safe, the same row of trees damaged". Banyan plants in Xiamen and even the whole of Fujian, is a native tree species. The typhoon, the banyan tree plant lodging ratio is not high, the damage by them, mostly because of excessive wind occurrence of branch and stem fracture, and most of the roots are firmly. "Urban street tree selection, should reflect the biological diversity, and species of tree which is better. Of course, we in the days after the selection of tree species, will be more inclined to choose native species — they are more adapted to the local climate." Shen Boyuan introduction. Of course, in the process of Xiamen city in recent years, a large number of the introduction of flowering trees, such as fire wood, fast growing species falcataria. These species are not strong wind resistance, easy to break, became a major disaster". Shen said that the garden department in the future will reduce the cultivation of such species, optimize the selection of trees, and increase the subject of this study. Seeds are introduced not greedy "big" reflection "of the South City Greening in the ever popular trees, trees transplanted to the city or the surrounding rural mountains, these trees often worth tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. This is a practice that. Once moved to the city, completely changed its growth environment, the tree is very difficult to adapt, it will very;相关的主题文章: