Xiamen 6 blood donation points were closed down the streets of the proportion of blood loss in superrecovery

Xiamen 6 years of blood donation was closed down the streets of Xiamen, the proportion of blood loss network – Xiamen daily news (reporter Jiang Haiping), the rational planning of blood donation points inside and outside the layout of the island, the construction of blood donation points in time"…… Yesterday, the Municipal People’s Congress on the implementation of the city of Xiamen Special Economic Zone voluntary blood donation regulations for law enforcement inspection, law enforcement inspection team members expressed concern about the planning and construction of blood donation points. It is understood that in 1997 the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee formulated the "Xiamen Special Economic Zone blood donation regulations", and in 2002 2009, has two times to revise and improve the regulations, provide legal protection for the important task of unpaid blood donation in our city, to carry out effectively to promote the work of the. However, yesterday’s law enforcement inspection also found that these years Xiamen love blood donation house (point) less and less built, most of the blood donation point for the municipal construction of the road. Central blood station chief Song Xiuyu told reporters, from 2011 onwards, my blood center blood donation point have been shut down 17, the current Xiamen blood donation point only 8, the layout is not reasonable, the 8 point in the blood center and SM (Commercial Plaza), the other points are not good. Street blood ratio also dropped from the original 65% to the current level of 39%. "Is only one of the blood collection is located in the commercial plaza, because businesses do not agree, the other is because of the government led urban transformation, the use of transformation and was shut down." Law enforcement inspection team members, municipal people’s Congress Chen Weijia after the view of the material, said, if this is the case, the government is more responsible for the temporary blood donation in the vicinity of the regional layout." In this regard, the law enforcement inspection team members have suggested to do my blood donation point layout, especially pay attention to the island. The Municipal People’s Congress jiaokewenwei Commission Chairman Li Hong believes that with the increase in the population of Xiamen, the growth of medical institutions, to donate blood is a pressing matter of the moment, he suggested that "planning, with the extension of rail transit network, as well as the new city area, commercial area construction adjustment, new blood to rational planning, in construction, according to the medical security scheme of scale of total population size and city to develop a good blood supply." [digital] 240 thousand people donate blood at present, the city’s total of 1 blood collection agencies (blood center), blood collection point 1 (Jimei love blood house), blood donation point 6, 6 cars. The city’s 35 medical institutions with blood, blood donation from. Since 2011, the city’s total donation of hematopoietic stem cells in 37 cases, the total number of the province ranked first donation; a total of 240 thousand people have donated blood, the total blood volume of 75.13 tons, a total of 19 thousand people to donate platelets, platelet total treatment volume of 30 thousand and 400.相关的主题文章: