Wu Xin has become Lu Yu! In the end is true or p zhuxianduowan

Wu Xin has become Lu Yu! In the end is true or P? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! When do you think of Wu Xin? Or is this a fast woman with a million years? Or recent fashion icon Wu? This stylish little devil? Recently participated in a certain activity, although she was full of fashion, her legs are thin! But on the whole is very haggard! The face of a little sense of what is P ~ dear skinny figure division to blame or too thin? To see how a Lu Yu thriller sense! Especially sexy actress photo, more less nutrition! …… But…… Thin for her is really much better than the original! Don’t believe you! Her beautiful history can also write a book so early debut, wore the most fashionable hairstyle ~ now to see how little this thriller really cannot read ~ the other Huirenbujuan ah, but Wu Xin’s exotic features to keep pace with the times of her, later than the original a little better but ruined her Yan value is not only the other, and that is full of sensual face! Not fat people do not know what is big than the side of the big half round face like buns although thin down a little boy, but there is a huge masseter look now, than to face above many delicate! This quietly thanks to the greasy face lift needle? But too much would make face is too thin, too manifest instead of haggard you think of her recent yen value is not open up? This article from the WeChat public number more beautiful"相关的主题文章: