World Cup reminder Greece last World Cup Home Court losing 8 years ago

World Cup reminder: Greece last World Cup Home Court losing 8 years ago [European] the primary football forecast analysis: vs Greece Cyprus start time: 2016-10-08 analysis: FUN88 02:45 game ball: 1.41 4.50 6.80 FUN88 initial compensation: 1.37 4.50 7.80 instant Greece? Greece’s new world ranked fifty-second, ranking in Europe thirty-first, but the team European Championship qualifying performance in the doldrums, failed to enter the 2016 European Cup in france. ? Greece is currently in the lineup, half of the players from overseas, there are more well-known Rome defender Manohara J, Benfica midfielder Andrea, · Samari J, Benfica striker Mi Trog Lou, Leipzig Bundesliga defender Papadopoulos Red Bull. In the 2014 World Cup, the Greek team’s defensive counterattack impressive, they have a tight line of defense, mutual understanding. But this is the team for this game, Cyprus team this lowly, the Greek team will showcase their offensive strength. The Belgian striker Nikelaaosi Genk? · Karelis, Nottingham forest striker Nikelaaosi · careI LISS is in good state, promising debut. The Greek team? The biggest rival is the Belgian team and the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but have to say, between the Greek team and had the minnows such as Gibraltar, Andorra and Cyprus team in narrowing the gap, such as the Greek team away round by the Gibraltar team scored 1 goals. Cyprus? Cyprus is ranked eighty-sixth in the world, Europe ranked thirty-seventh, Cyprus and Greece belong to the H group, the same group of the other team and the Belgian team, Gibraltar team and Estonia team and the team of Bosnia and herzegovina. ? in the 2015 European Cup qualifier on Cyprus strength is weak, only a double play away win over Israel and Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 group phase down 4 wins 6 of the negative record, no outlet. ? since this year’s warm-up match, Cyprus is still in the doldrums, successively away defeat to Ukraine and Serbia, a total of 2 games lost 3 balls, compared with the domestic league in Europe, the poor performance of the national team. Cyprus? Coach is a 52 year old Christopher faurous, using 4-2-3-1 formation at the end of 2015, took over the Cyprus national team, this is the first time in charge of the national team, the former Cyprus domestic league team coach. The Greek team attaches great importance to the home, home combat ability is very strong, but Cyprus has a certain ability to win the game, the game needs to pay attention to lose win. Data for the Hunter: Greece and Greece scored 4 goals per game. Prior to the 10 games before the game into the 4. The Greek team? A recent World Cup Home Court losing is 2008, when the Swiss team lost 1-2. Cyprus Cyprus 11 consecutive non friendship相关的主题文章: