Win Jinxiu Weiyang Tang Yan cliff risk exposure trailers ppbox

"Beautiful" flower cliff Tang Yan Weiyang exposed dangerous Sina entertainment news the day before, by the Huace Hatton Hatton’s film, Feng Jing, Leroy entertainment media CO produced, directed by renowned director Li Huizhu [micro-blog], Tang Yan [micro-blog], Luo Jin [micro-blog], Vanness Wu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Li Xinai, Mao Xiaotong other co starred in "Jinxiu Weiyang" exposure of a "troubled love" trailer, staged scenes of emotion and intrigue shock drama. Compared with the previous situation was threatened by growing crises the exposure of the trailers, Li Weiyang (Tang Yan ornaments) and Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin) the tender moment will play style torsion, two eyes gentle, love originally good let the audience feel "Jinxiu Weiyang" in the other side of the world The wind puffs the clouds away.. Even in the way was to kill the road, two people still never abandon, common jumping shock drama highlights this feeling really strong. But the crisis is still lurking in the shadows, Lee Weiyang suffered a lot during the journey up the clouds. The first is the enemy Mieqin chi (Lily Tien [micro-blog] cloud soft decoration) the identity of suspicious, so Li Weiyang into a dangerous situation more difficult, and older sister Li Changle (Li Xin AI ornaments) jealousy work, to obstruct between Li Weiyang and Tuoba Jun’s feelings, making the triangle of turbulence. It can be said that Li Weiyang in the shoulder guoqiuguhen Qiu Fu caught the enemy very careful, even the rare warm love hidden crisis. In front of their subjugation, Lee had to fold to Qiu Weiyang imperial grandson Tuoba Jun’s affection, alone in this dangerous state court disputes parcel. Two people unbearable, and opening a warm scene, called the roller coaster love situation. But even if multiple blows, shenmingdayi Li Weiyang still did not forget for the well-being of the people, the heart of love emerged, which makes the heart. It is not difficult to see that this fragment will be laid like mood, the complex relationship between the characters to show the full story, level revealed deep infection. In addition, fragments closely around the theme of Li Weiyang and Tuoba Jun "love" as the main line, expand the various encounters around here, and left the audience at the end of an infinite space. It is reported that from November 11th onwards, "beautiful" in the Weiyang half past seven night landing in Beijing TV and Oriental TV prime time. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: