Wild dog animation writer in the second quarter append announced jslottery

"Wild dog" animation writer in the second quarter append announced Wednesday, an animation "wild dog" in its official website announced the second quarter of the latest two append. The details are as follows: · John; S (Tokyo,? S) CV Kasai Kengo, different ability: anger is the prototype of modern American grape novelist John · Steinbeck, representative of "the grapes of Wrath" (Ralph Kraft, lumira lumira is in Japanese) CV Takeuchi Shunsuke, power: the old prototype is the dominating force of American horror writer Howard · Phillips · Ralph Kraft, representative of the "g Su Lu myth" animation in the second quarter ending the "wind, blowing on the street", sung by the band Luck Life. Before singing the song "by the band have immediate or former call for the first quarter" animation. Song "wind, blowing on the street" will be included in the band of third singles in CD. This CD contains 3 songs are "wind, blowing on the street", "journey" and "data and" second, Harbin, CD will be on sale in November 2nd, priced at 1300 yen. The second quarter of animation specific broadcast information is as follows: Tokyo MX  October 5th every Wednesday 25:05~ WOWOW  Wednesday October 5th; 25:05~ thirteenth free broadcast, after from October 7th (from the beginning of the fourteenth words) every Friday 22:30~ television Saitama   October 6th every Thursday 25:05~ Chiba TV station   October 6th every Thursday 25:00~ tvk  every October 6th; Thursday 25:00~ Gifu   October 6th every Thursday 25:45~ three television broadcasting   October 6th every Thursday 26:20~ Sun TV   October 5th every Wednesday 25:30~ TVQ Kyushu broadcasting   October 5th every Wednesday 26:35~ October 7th every Friday 27:00~ BS11  in addition, the second animated character song CD "- in the fields of lumira graduate school assess, Michiru group Second, the Er, and no clima "will be on sale in September 14th, priced at 2200 yen. This role will be included in CD song "labyrinth" (sung in China Duyou solution: Edokawa Ranho (CV Shinya Hiroshi)), ", lumira, do not no Ma" detective, kigen and Gui this period of "", "integrity of flow meter" (Vocal: Miyazawa Kenji (CV bin Guang Xing)) no, do not, ", lumira" Genesis, Ma, Ma, and so do not matter in practice or malignant!?" "And" the phantom of her, so, in "(Vocal: Yazaki Junichiro (CV Toshiyuki Toyonaga) a total of 5 songs). Last week, the official website of the animation released two new characters Margaret ·, M, ·,, H, respectively, by the sound of the voice of Natsuka Kari and Aragaki Tarusuke. Band SC.相关的主题文章: