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"Why is he" restricted by Fulanlan exposure notice old white punch – Sohu entertainment actor James Franco, actor James Franco Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) the United States in twentieth Century Fuchs film company produced the drama "why is he" (Why Him), today released the latest in a limited level trailer. The trailer is "red", because the actor James – Franco (James Franco) broke out in the trailer too secret caused by foul language. The trailer shows the film many heavyweight funny picture, "old white" Blaine – Langston (Bryan Cranston) a punch down Franco scene, quite remarkable. In addition, as a variant version of "meet the Fockers" — the "father of the bride, the visit son-in-law" bursting point is very intensive, Franco in the film almost play HIGH, not only the naked show, and finally fell into the water. Actor James Franco – "why is he" had been directed by "looking for man" "meet the Fockers" John – Haberg (John Hamburg) served as the director, Ryan Hef (Ian Helfer) wrote the script. This essence is a "meet the Fockers". Old white plays a middle-aged man living in the western United States in the film, one day, he wanted to burst through the more than half of the United States, came to the city to visit her daughter to go to school, but did not think of her daughter’s life and he imagined a completely different — she made a violent rich handsome brother. In front of this prospective son-in-law, the old white naturally broke out a lot of temper, the battle of the two men officially opened the curtain. This time, it seems that the son took the lead in the first place, so that the role of father in embarrassment. The young actress Zoe Darch (Zoey Deutch) plays Franco’s girlfriend. "Why is he" by the "meet the Fockers" actor Ben Stiller served as executive producer of the film, will be officially landed in North American cinemas in December 23rd this year, this year is the most important North American Christmas Family comedy.相关的主题文章: