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UnCategorized A study done by the .munication Department at the University of Missouri revealed that women aren’t alone in feeling worse about their bodies after looking at female models in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Glamour. In a 1-year study involving 77 male university students, the students who were asked to look at female models in magazines like Maxim, FHM and Stuff had more body-image problems. Those students felt they would have to measure up on an attractiveness scale in order to date women of equal caliber to the models. Obviously they didn’t know that airbrushing can make models appear beyond measure. In a study done at the University of Rochester, over 100 men were shown pictures of women and asked to rate their attractiveness. Repeatedly women wearing red or in pictures with red borders were rated more attractive than the same women wearing different colors or in pictures with different colored borders. Because the color red had no effect on the women who were asked to rate the pictures, psychologists theorize the attraction to red is biologically imbeded in men’s evolutionary heritage. For example, male baboons and chimpanzees are attracted to females showing a red coloring when nearing ovulation. It seems this study gives new meaning to the phrase "seeing red". Men and women also responded differently in a study done by Northwestern University’s psychology department. Although the men wanted male political candidates to appear .petent, the women wanted them to appear approachable also. However, when it came to female candidates, both the men and the women wanted the female candidates to appear attractive, as well as .petent. According to the psychologists, "There’s a lot of talk about voters thinking in their minds ‘Who would I like to go out for a beer with’ when they’re evaluating potential candidates". Maybe they could evaluate "tastes better, less filling" too. Then there’s the study done at the University of Colorado, which found that women’s hands have a greater variety of bacteria on them than men’s hands. This is most likely due to men’s skin being more acidic. Although 4,742 species of bacteria were identified, only 5 of those were on every hand – with the average hand having 150 species. The good news is the vast majority of bacteria are either helpful or harmless. The bad news is hand washing doesn’t get all the bacteria off. In fact, that theory is washed up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: