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"The magical animal where" extended edition "Harry Potter notice now?" — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "the magical animal where" extended edition "Harry Potter notice now?" "where" the magical animal lengthened Trailer now "Harry Potter?" by Hua Na Brothers movie studio, J.K. Rowling Pro screenwriter 3D fantasy masterwork "magical animal where", will visit the mainland screen in November 18th. Film today (October 14th) and then exposed Extended Edition notice. So many fans pleasantly surprised is that at the beginning of the trailer appeared Harry? Potter, Dumbledore and Hagrid’s voice. Rowling first revealed the creation of "magical animal" and "where is Harry?, Potter" series of unexpected director David? Yates, starring Eddie Mayne Reid, Colin?? Farrell and Ezra Miller who opened the story more?. Complete the "Harry? Potter" did not finish the secret history of mysterious forces come with new world magic "Lumos" mantra, the familiar melody sounded again, the Hogwarts Express train sped to Big Ben counterclockwise rotation, "you are a wizard, Harry." "what am I?" Dumbledore and Hagrid, eleven year old Harry long and friendly voice coming from it, "Harry Potter" will soon fully awaken memories?. In the dark Harry, Potter and Newt?? scamandre’s name has been mentioned, this moment, "magic" and "animal where is Harry?" Potter break the dimensional intersection! Although the "magic" where the animal is completely independent of the "Harry? Potter" series of stories, for the first time as a movie screenwriter J.K. Rowling was in the trailer first exposing the two distinct magic world: "from the" magical animal where ", you can see the history of the United States the wizarding world once, in the" Harry Potter "? Mentioned in the book, but you have never seen, now I have a chance to talk about this period of history. "In" Harry? Don’t say Potter "in the novel the secret history, finally in this movie have the opportunity to exhibit picture. "The magical animal where" the story happened in the early in the "Harry Potter" series? 70 years ago, Rowling in the construction of North American magic dimension, the magic world is in the most critical time of existence, the trailer, also more depicts "chicken" (American name, Muggle refers to the ordinary people do not magic) and fierce contradictions between the magician. The repression of magic inside, "to avoid being executed in chicken". Notice, Samantha? Modun played the "chicken" Marie? The dew is anti magic extremists, she called on people to report, combat potential mage, with fear and loathing breaking Farrell’s wand, Colin? Auror Greaves sentence "if they succeed, we will live forever in the dark" as a two party hot tit. Rowling to create a similarly large complex world of magic eager, also introduces the history of the United States of the notorious repute Salem witch trials as inspiration, but if only to put the film as a history lesson is too small to explain the brain of Rowling hole. Eddie plays Newt Mayne Reid? Oscar)?相关的主题文章: