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When the father to travel when the news? – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: hold father travel when it is not news? The evening of October 4th, a somewhat blurry picture, let many users refer to "poke tears". In the photo, the yellow light, a middle-aged man wearing a grey white coat, clinging to an old man. Reporters contacted the photos of friends, that the old man is the father of the man. (October 6th "Modern Express") after the photo was sent to micro-blog, many users and the media point of praise, forward, "father was also holding us like a child……" Suddenly want to cry, "this is the most handsome man’s back" all kinds of comments also fully express the feelings of the people. Four and a half years ago, the 62 year old Taiwan man Zu Ding? Doctor calico embrace mother pictures also had burst of red network, touched by the whole world, "modern filial model" "this is the twenty-fifth: filial piety cloth bag, netizens have said" mother "was moved to cry". Originally just a careless move, but he was so concerned, perhaps this is the hero of the two unexpected. They use practical action interpretation of the "filial piety", not publicity, not artificial, indeed admirable. However, "filial piety" goes: "filial piety, day after it, the land of righteousness." The "constitution", "marriage law" also expressly provides that adult children have the obligation to support parents". So no matter in the circumstances in law, caring for the elderly should be children’s part, do not have to get excited over a little thing. But the two men were able to move countless people to become the focus of the public’s news, in the final analysis, or because the thing is rare, it makes people feel strange. In real life, the elderly, the elderly or abandon the beaten move always make people feel that Empty Nester "in the face of the sky in a daze" scene always makes people sad. In order to young children and family all, but in the end this encounter, the reason is the children’s "no way" or the so-called difficulties can be with you? Conscience think, who is to bear bitter hardships we grow up, who is sad tears alone in our stubborn rebellious, who live frugally out all his savings to pay the down payment for us, they are equal to anything for you? They don’t have a reason? Should they just give and get nothing in return? If parents do not have the "use value" is "what kind of burn the bridge after crossing it, the face will be so easy? In fact, it should be kept in mind. First, the family is more important than money. Money is not enough to earn, but the family may have been hurt for a lifetime can not be repaired, after losing may never be able to find back. So, what is the meaning of making money? Second, the living is more important than the dead. "If you don’t stay, and when irreparable regret, and pray in after death. The best when parents are alive to them a little better, do more should have filial piety. Let us be more tolerant to our parents, as they have been to us; let us have more patience with our parents, as they have been with us相关的主题文章: