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Software Most larger .panies have some kind of backup software in place, one that will recover all documents if the system is attacked by a virus or overtaken by spam. Even if you have the most advanced firewall in place, you never know when disaster will strike or one of your users will make a mistake that puts the integrity of all of your information at risk. For these reasons, many .panies are choosing to install drive image software as part of their emergency planning. With most ordinary backup systems, all you get are your documents backed up. That may seem like it is enough, but if you have ever had to re-install software on dozens or even hundreds of .puters, you know that it isn’t. It is vital that you also have some form of drive image software installed so that when your system does go down, you will be instantly able to re-boot the entire thing and not just recover your lost documents. There are several different forms of drive image software, but the most important factor is that you know how to use it and you always keep it up to date. Many .panies find out too late that the person who was in charge of the backup never knew how to use it, so it sat on a shelf and was never installed. Alternatively, you may find out that although the software was installed, it wasn’t actually working properly or was never activated. A backup or disk image that is not up to date is of no value at all, and if you don’t have the ability to recover your data, you might as well not even buy it. So no matter what product you do buy, make sure that you learn how to properly use it and always make sure that your files are updated. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: