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Health Since we really can’t tell when the next emergency will occur to us at home, at work, or anywhere, we have to be prepared to act upon the situation with level-headedness and extreme calm. It would also help us if we have stock knowledge on what to do when certain emergencies happen. A dental emergency, for instance, is .mon among kids because they are often very active. Knowing something about emergency dentistry could help us help our kids and possible help save their teeth too. Here are some episodes in emergency dentistry that .monly happens with kids or even adults: "Toothaches – However severe or mild a toothache is, one should attend to it immediately and properly. It is not advisable to use painkillers like aspirin directly on the gum because it can damage the tissues there. When toothache occurs, use warm water to clean the mouth and gloss around the affected tooth very gently. This is done to remove the food particles that might still be stuck in the teeth. Toothaches can be prevented with frequent visits to the dentist and proper hygiene. Prevention is always best so no one encounters emergency dentistry mishaps. "Broken or chipped off tooth – Since little kids or even bigger ones are extremely active and always on the move, they are prone to accidents. When an accident happens and a tooth gets chipped off – there may be some trauma on the child so approach this calmly. Observe the child and check if there’s pain in the chipped tooth. This could mean that a nerve has been hit and a root canal would be necessary. If there is no pain, the chipped part can be replaced with porcelain or veneers. It is important to go to the dentist immediately after an accident like this so he can give appropriate treatments. "Knocked off tooth – Emergency dentistry for this situation is to take the tooth by the top and not by the root (to preserve it). Rinse this very well. If the child is old enough, you can replace the tooth to its socket and ask him to hold it as you go to the dentist for the treatment. If holding the tooth in place is not possible, put the clean tooth in a container with milk, water, or saliva and see the dentist immediately. "Broken tongue or bitten lip – This may be due to a fall or an accidental bump. Get a clean cloth and wipe the area very gently. Apply a cold .press on the affected part to avoid swelling (as a self-help remedy during this emergency dentistry situation). If the bleeding stops shortly after, there is no more cause for alarm, but you still need to see the dentist the next day to check the teeth. If the bleeding won’t stop, you need to rush the patient to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. "Things caught in between teeth – Since kids love to put things in their mouths, things can get stuck there and if they pull them out carelessly, the teeth or gums might get damaged. Insert floss where the debris is and carefully slide it without cutting the gum. If you failed to get the object, you should let the dentist do it instead. Emergency dentistry is something everyone should be aware of since anybody can get caught in a dental situation anytime. It will also be best to always have the contact information of the dentist visible to everyone so it will be easier to call him up in case of emergencies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: