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What are 4 most important ingredients in the formula of your business? 1-Find 2-Connect & Close 3-Keep 4-Grow If being an Entrepreneur is new to you or if this year is your ground zero year, you must focus on step one in the process more than any other step. Many entrepreneurs worry’ about step four without going through steps 1 & 2. Early concern will drain your enthusiasm and energy. To be productive, you must understand that staying in steps 1 and 2 will prepare you for success in steps 3 & 4 more naturally and organically. Are you prepared to create momentum in 2007? If you think differently, you can create momentum. Momentum repellers or Plateau creators are the ingredients that repel or get in the way of momentum and create the following: -Overestimation of the event or the opportuntunity -Underestimation of the process -Underestimation of their role in the process -Criticize their Role and therefore beat up their Soul in the process If you want to create momentum this year then,you must learn to think differently. In 2007 pay attention to the following points: It is the small changes at the bottom of the snow covered mountain; it is those shifts we can’t even see, that create an avalanche. Most individuals go after spectular success and seldom ever not notice the small successes along the way. If you don’t celebrate and be grateful for the small changes along the way, you won’t be able to create momentum or the glorious success you may be seeking. In additions to that, don’t be worry about excuses! Many people worry’ about their excuses, while spending all their energy and focus on destroying the excuses, they continue aimlessly on the journey of getting ready to get ready. Instead turn up the heat in 2007. This increase in heat’ will automatically destroy’ the excuses or the germs’ in your formula. What do I mean by turning up the heat? Increase passion, purpose, inspiration, and cultivate your desire to become a burning desire. No longer complain about not being ambitious enough. Instead, add to your passion and your ambition will automatically increase. Have you ever had your own home based business? Are you in Network Marketing or Direct Sales? Are you worried if it’ll work for you? Ways the Home Based Business industry will work for you: 1-It’ll work for you if you look at it as though it’s more than a thing you are trying out. 2-It’ll work for you if you have a solid belief in your opportunity & industry. 3-It’ll work for you if you truly want to change your financial blue print. 4-It’ll work for you if you have a burning desire that you believe in. 5-It’ll work for you if you are coachable. 6-It’ll work for you if are willing to invest in your self and business. 7-It’ll work for you if you understand that it’s not a job and requires a different mind set. Give yourself a score on each of the 7 points above. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, calculate your score on each! If you have 3 or more individual scores below an eight, then you require to make some major shifts in your mindset and therefore in your business. I look forward to creating momentum with you. Be Brave. Your friend along the way, Dr.Ellie Drake About the Author: About Dr. Ellie Drake Savvy businesswoman, doctor, in-demand motivational speaker, mother and an inspiration to men and women around the globe. Ellie Drake is a multi-dimensional success. She has a demanding schedule of personal appearances and a series of web sites, each offering insights, newsletters and products designed to help individuals achieve their personal best. Each Monday at 10:30pm EST, Ellie offers a free teleconference designed to empower her listeners. Visit .BraveHeartCommunity.com or .EllieDrakeFreeReport.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: