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Wenzhou man killed by a dog motorcycle ride to escape was a man riding a motorcycle stolen money to buy a pet dog killed after escaping. The dog’s owner wanted to make a statement, looking for several days to find a motorcycle accident, immediately reported to the police. Police seized a motorcycle, but can not contact the driver. Where is the man hiding? Listen to the teacher Bodaolai. This is: no money out stretched hands of thieves, stolen money to buy a car and killed the dog; a dream of making a fortune to succeed, after a few days on end. In October 11th, Wenzhou city traffic police detachment of the four battalion of the six squadron of police received the alarm together, police said he took Guo Xi Street West to Ouhai District Shuangfeng pet dog, a man riding a motorcycle to escape after the dog killed. Police alarm immediately after the investigation. 17 at noon, the pet dog owner again contacted the police said, they found in Qu Ren road motorcycle accident. The police rushed to the scene and seized a motorcycle accident, and contact the owner, which know owner said this motorcycle has been sold, but not transfer. Traffic police contact with the current owner, but has been unable to contact. Until the Ouhai Public Security Bureau Guo Xi police recently arrested a thief, the traffic accident also come to light. Guo Creek police station, they arrested a theft in the area of a burglary thief. The thief surnamed Hou, just 18 years old this year, Guizhou. Hou love pub, cafe, but not yet work he had no income. There is no money on the hand, he moved up the theft of crooked brains. The evening of October 10th, Hou came to Guo Xi Jie Dao Ren Qiao Cun a five storey house floor, through which a rented room directly on the stairs to the four floor, and then through the balcony slipped into the house, stole 6000 yuan in cash. Hou had never seen so much cash, even using a mobile phone to take pictures of the money. The second day, he took the stolen money in the lake to spend 4600 yuan to buy a second-hand motorcycle. Which know that afternoon, he drove a motorcycle passing Shuangfeng Road, killed a pet dog. A guilty conscience, hurriedly fled in a car. A few days later, Hou crazy pub, cafe. When the police arrested him, he was still on the Internet, leaving only 296.5 yuan in cash. At present, Hou suspicion of theft, has been jingfangxingju.相关的主题文章: