We have come to the Karen Mok like playing computer games to steal the division operation of Sohu – freelander2

"We have come to the" Karen Mok like playing computer games to steal the division operation – Sohu entertainment   " primary school; acts " Sohu Karen Mok entertainment news this Friday, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" Tengchong will continue to tour, ten guests will face more interesting challenges and fun experience in the beauty of Tengchong. In addition to the activities with everyone else, Karen Karen Mok also carried out a separate special experience activities. "Primary school acts" Karen Mok set to play games like monitoring operating room in the first part of lunar night talk station Macao station, when all the guests about to participate in "we have come to the" reason, Golden Melody queen Karen Mok will give a special reason, she said she has always wanted to make a TV show, so she in "we come" to "steal" learning field production of TV program intent on the inside. It is reported that the Tengchong station program to let Karen Mok feel close to making reality show, especially tailored for an experienced class link, Karen Mok is a star in the music scene, but in the production of television programs on being the "primary school"". The control room full of curious Karen Mok not only entered the program to record the scene, "the real thing", a full posture control camera machine, field experience behind a reality TV program production. Serious study of her manipulation monitoring machine, also called machine monitoring with an air of importance, the operating rod like the game hall game machine handle, feel like playing video games. Wang Han said Karen Mok bluntly behind the hard love challenge holding "selfish" to participate in the program of Karen Mok, finally in this program, feel close to making a television show, there is a kind of mold to the actual practice of a good "stole a return". Brother Karen Mok in the culvert under the guidance of experience and contact the television production line, Wang Han was with him for so many years experience in the production of television programs, taught many programs to Karen Mok also let her wise remark of an experienced person, see behind the reality TV show stories and countless TV workers for their hard work, and told Karen Mok is very difficult to do TV, Karen Mok was a cheerful face the sun, said: "I am not afraid of hardship, not afraid of difficulties, the more challenging things, the more I love, I love challenges!" What challenges will Karen Mok meet? Want to see Karen Mok at Tengchong station continued her wonderful performance and invincible charm, please continue to lock this Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "we come", and we Be There Or Be Square Karen!相关的主题文章: