We have come to the active water Carina Lau abandoned the justice for Naban Entertainment – Sohu borderland

"We have come to the" active "water" Carina Lau abandoned the justice for Naban – Sohu   entertainment; "we have come to the" " zero bad " high reputation Sohu, "we have come to the" entertainment news programs have been broadcast on the seven, harvest high ratings and also won the high reputation of zero bad "the key is the program aims to show the Oriental female beauty of civilization", both culture and connotation with all aspects of the design or game on, so that this program has become a variety of brands become an independent school. In particular, the game in the game, fun quiz is always fun in the game, the spread of knowledge in joy. Carina Lau as a senior, has been adhering to the fairness of the game attitude, "ban water" is a game she has to follow the principle, and this week the upcoming broadcast of the program, she accidentally "water", really make people puzzled. In the game "BaoQingTian" catch "water" just and stern in the game, Carina Lau has always been very abide by the rules of the game. In the Chengdu Railway Station program, panda quiz game, Wang Han and Sheenah heard the title of know the answer, always in the same group around Angie Chiu nagging, trying to reveal the answer, Carina Lau was on the spot: "you can not see the!" Liu domineering stop, people have expressed their support. Later, Carina Lau repeatedly to stop Wang Han and Sheenah "water", once Wang Han and Sheenah arrived at the corner, so grab the momentum, let the "Grinch" Sheenah cannot be deployed, "routine king" Wang Han is anxious. In the first phase of the program of Tengchong station, Jiang Yiyan accept the "insect feast" punishment, was covered over "mysterious food" made her very fear, so you want to peep what food. Unexpectedly, just opened the lid, Carina Lau was found on the spot to stop. This program, Carina Lau continued to show her "just and stern", gambling link knowledge quiz, "routine king Wang Han learned, many topics are know the answer, so you want to help the team, but also by Liu found. Just listen to Carina Lau shouted: "can not be water oh!" People can only obediently obey the rules of the game. "Gambling" anxious Carina Lau: can’t you water? First choice quiz winning team can only obtain gambling links, and the next "gambling" is the key. All the guests with the hundreds of odd shape stone repeatedly asked the teacher, at a loss, but the teacher only evaded, anxious Carina Lau again, but this time shouting shouting "not water", but "can the water ah!" What is it that has always been "just and stern" Carina Lau forced active request show "water"? The answer may be quite different from what you think! Even so Carina Lau just ask for "water" of the game how difficult? Q & a session, "routine king" Wang Han can help the team win? Look forward to this Friday 20:20 Hunan TV, "we are here," the wonderful content!相关的主题文章: