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Want to play off-road afford Wrangler? I have a way! Sohu – car love play off-road friends, certainly not unfamiliar to the Wrangler, overbearing and Land Cruiser hardcore off-road vehicles, off-road vehicles as big brothers, they have a strong strength and good deeds. But they are not our today’s hero, they are too expensive, so that a large part of them away. Budget is insufficient and like off-road friends, these models deserve you to see. Jiangling Yu Sheng S350, the new car price guide: 12.28-15.98 million Jiangling Yu wins S350 still design hardcore SUV keep in appearance, the front face into a new family style, which makes the car look more aggressive, obtrapezoid Dazui design front bumper styling very layered. The interior, three spoke multifunction steering wheel, double barrel type instrument panel, the central control panel with a simplified design, and supplemented with silver trim collocation, more concise, but also enhance the overall texture. The whole system comes standard with the main passenger seat airbags, ABS+EBD, leather steering wheel, cruise control, rear parking radar, a rear air outlet configuration. Power, 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power 205Ps, matching manual block 6 and 6 speed manual gearbox, drive rear drive and four-wheel drive front; 2.4T turbo diesel engine, maximum horsepower 125Ps 140Ps, matching manual block 5 and 6 speed manual gearbox, front and rear drive four-wheel drive; front double wishbone independent suspension coil spring, after the five – link independent suspension, non bearing body. The Great Wall motor hover H5 – car guide price: 9.48-16.38 million lanbiao version of Harvard H5 grille decorated with three spoke straight chrome strips, give a person with fortitude tenacious tough feeling. The red label version of the model, it is more wild, rough chrome mouth anger from the prestige, the overall look is very atmospheric and unrestrained. Compared with the standard version of the red, blue version is more fashionable. Power, 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power 122Ps, matching the 5 speed manual gearbox, rear drive and front wheel drive; 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine, maximum power 190Ps, matching 6 speed manual gearbox; 2.0T turbo diesel engine, maximum horsepower 136Ps 150Ps, matching manual block 6 and 5 speed tiptronic gearbox. Non bearing body. Beijing – Beijing BJ40 new car guide price: 12.98-16.98 million China said brand made SUV, have to mention is the "Beijing Jeep 212", the tough guy image so many people fascinated. And after the launch of the 40 Beijing Beiqi also still continues its hardcore style, family style grille, the overall shape of the square box, did a century ago pride. Power, 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum horsepower 204Ps, matching 5 block manual gearbox; 2.3T turbocharged engine,!相关的主题文章: