Village Jukui stilts 9 buildings, demolition of 287 households to move away from (video) sugus

Village Jukui "stilts" 9 buildings, demolition of 287 households to move away from the demolition of the village Jukui "stilts", is the first big move in Huangpu District this year, "Remodeling Old Chengxiang" action. Moving from the demolition, demolition, renovation to move back to this series of processes, both innovative initiatives, but also to improve the livelihood of the people, showing the vitality of old Chengxiang new life. You take me to catch "stilts" like a fragile tofu into Huangpu District Xiaodongmen Jukui village, clean streets lined with rows of freshly painted houses, scaffolding are gradually dismantled. It is difficult to imagine, more than half a year ago, here one can see the rise of a wide variety of "stilts". In many people’s minds, Xiangxi, Hubei, building area of Qiandongnan mountain on the river and built buildings. In this piece of "stilts" Shanghai old Chengxiang, not building landscape, but there is a serious safety hazard of illegal building. In the "Remodeling Old Chengxiang" action before the start of Xiaodongmen Jukui village of 287 households, 245 households have all kinds of illegal structures, including "stilts" accounted for 40%. A three story mottled old buildings, in the top of the lid and then stamped, has become a "six story" small high-rise". No matter in which floor, many people are hanging out of the window 1 square meters of the "stilts": two fist thick steel pipe, with a supporting wall, above can be "long" out of a row of small rooms, nearly 5 meters spacing between buildings, simple shed was packed only one or two meters wide…… "Stilts" growth history, now it is difficult to trace, but behind every tiny "stilts" might be digging out a living on the difficult history. The per capita living area is very small, often many people crowded in a room. The living condition is limited, only try to get the house to take, the residents hold "you take, I also take the" mentality to build the village, Jukui "stilts" is a more. The tuft of "stilts" to solve local housing difficulties, but bred many safety problems. Such as "safety stilts" itself is not high. The room, which is supported by two steel pipes, looks scary. The illegal structures caused by Jeeves phenomenon is serious, the channel shrinking even pass the degree of yellow croaker car. In short, these "stilts" changed the structure of the original heavy old house, the residents to build their own when the material is very fragile, some "stilts" almost like "tofu". 9 buildings, 287 households, thousands of people all want to move away from 2016, Huangpu District district government decided to "Remodeling Old Chengxiang", the demolition of a small East Gate Street and Yu Garden street the illegal construction is the priority among priorities, "stilts" to "to move". Complete removal of these old ills, not only need courage and determination, but also a scientific method and wisdom. Jukui village was built in the last century in 60s, belongs to zhiguangongfang. Huangpu District Shanghai Institute of building housing quality inspection station of the experts have repeatedly carried out on-the-spot investigation, they give the evaluation result is: the building has been a long, natural aging, damage to housing structure, coupled with years of the existence of a large number of illegal construction, there are serious security hidden houses)相关的主题文章: