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.puters-and-Technology Android applications available in the mobile app marketplace are very useful for the everyday needs of users, so it is worthy to download applications that you can use daily. This will help you make the most out of your device. You will surely enjoy your device, because of these useful applications that you can download totally for free. Yes, it is true. You will not spend money for your Android applications, but that still depends on your options. There are lots of available apps these days that are truly meant for your needs at the app marketplace android. The Android operating system, is solely created for smartphones only, it quickly gets the attention of many mobile phone enthusiasts. This unique and new project was created by Google and it quickly very successful for the last two years. The popularity of android phones is because of its Android application available in the mobile app marketplace for free. If you have your own android phone or Android tablets, you need to find out the best and useful Android apps. Actually, there are lots of websites offering android applications that you can download. But some of them are not reliable and some websites are filled with viruses that can affect your gadget. You need to be extra careful when choosing a website where you will download android applications. The following are useful applications that you can download. 1.Documents to Go This application is very popular among Android users. This is also very popular in a wide variety of platforms, even during the Palm Pilot days. This application will allow you to make Microsoft office documents .ing from diverse applications for your mobile phone. You can easily edit and open any documents. If you are working with office documents, this application is something that is worth downloading. It is available in the app marketplace android. 2.Recording There are lots of recording applications that you can use for your Android device. Some will just allow you to record memos for yourself so you can be rest assured that you can always remember important dates, events, meetings, and activities. There are some android applications that can record calls. This is very useful for when it .es to important calls. Using this application, you can record these calls for later review. You need to make sure that the person at the end of the line knows that you are recording your conversation. 3.Flashlight This can brighten up your surroundings, especially if you need to go around a dark place. This android application can brighten up the screen of your device and makes the screen white. 4.AndWeather This is popular application that can give accurate information when it .es to weather updates. It can show you the actual weather condition, according to your preferred location. You can also set it to track your location and see the actual weather condition of the place where you are right now. These apps can make life easier and better through your Android smartphone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: