U.S. train crash caused 1 dead and 108 injured including a Chinese citizen (video) zibba

The train crash caused 1 people dead and 108 injured injured with a citizen of the United States China train hit the station caused the roof caused 1 dead hundreds of injured site picture exposure New York Xinhua News Agency on 29 September, a commuter train 29 in the U.S. state of New Jersey station crash collapse. Chinese Consulate General in New York to verify the relevant hospital to a Chinese citizen was injured in the accident. According to Chinese Consulate General in New York news, as of 29 at noon local time 12 to check the situation, a China citizens were injured in the accident, the injured have received initial treatment in hospital, no life-threatening, and have contact with their families. Consulate General of Consular Affairs in a timely manner to provide consular services and condolences. Currently, the Consulate General of the consulate is being rushed to other local medical institutions, continue to verify the possibility of understanding of the relevant Chinese citizens. This train commuter train accident the day during the morning rush hour into the station platform in New Jersey into the Hoboken station, the station building caused by large area damage. The accident has killed 1 people and injured 108 others. After the accident, China Consulate General in New York immediately launched the emergency mechanism of consular protection, emergency sent competent consular rushed to the Hoboken police station, hospital to investigate the situation at the scene, as Chinese citizens may be involved in providing timely assistance. (end)相关的主题文章: