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Turkey car bomb attack killed 18 people and injured 26 – Sohu news news agency in Beijing on 9 October, Ankara news: Turkey southeastern Hakkari Province, 9 occurred in the military police checkpoints car bomb attacks, resulting in 18 deaths, 26 people were injured. According to the Turkey Annaduolu news agency and other media reported that the attack occurred in the local time 9 day at 9:45 in the morning, attackers detonated the bomb when military documents check in. A large number of ambulances rushed to the scene to rescue. Turkey Prime Minister Yildirim held a press conference to inform the situation of the bombing attack. He said that 8 civilians dead, 10 soldiers. He also revealed that the attackers drove a truck loaded with 5 tons of explosives. After the attack, Turkey’s military and Hakkari province governor’s office issued a statement saying that the PKK made the car bomb attacks. Soil Deputy Prime Minister kurtulmus said that Turkey will not bow to any terrorist organization, terrorist attacks that will make the price. Turkey’s military continues to suppress PKK militants military action. Military sources said the Turkey soil, the soil of northeast fighter 8 PKK stronghold air strikes, killing 6 militants. Security forces of soil 8 days in the southern part of region killed 8 PKK militants. Over the past year, the deterioration of the security situation in Turkey, Istanbul and Ankara and other cities have been hit by explosions. 6 this month, a motorcycle bomb attack occurred near a police station in Istanbul, resulting in a total of 10 people were injured. Turkey police have foiled a suicide car bomb attack 8. Two suspects were killed in a suicide bombing during a standoff with police in the capital Ankara.相关的主题文章: