Trump ridiculed Obama too headstrong, President Golf need to ask for the right person-remonstrate

Trump ridiculed Obama too wayward golf to invite suitable candidates for President Barack Trump sina sports news Beijing on February 19th news, Donald – Trump, American billionaire, the Republican presidential candidate, the powerful Americans tell others you don’t accept defeat. Perhaps many have heard a word he said "the United States never win"; in June 17, 2015, Trump announced at the Fifth Avenue in New York, Trumpt tower, decided to participate in the presidential election. "I’m officially announcing the presidential election in the United States, and we’re going to make America stronger again!" Trump, a natural, warlike Trump, will not let go of President Obama, and criticize his love of golf. "If I play golf with Obama, I’m sure I win. I’m serious." Trump was very confident. "The president wanted to play golf, of course. But he should play with the people he wants to trade with, or members of Congress, or politicians from other countries, rather than playing with his friends". Teplan said, "I’ve won a lot of golf, a lot of club tournaments". But in reality, no one has seen Trump and Obama on the court to bring who is better. The famous American black actor Samuel Jackson called Trump a liar, and he said that no matter the ending is how to win, on the lips of people (mocking Trump show love).

特朗普嘲讽奥巴马太任性 总统打高尔夫需邀合适人选 美国总统候选人特朗普   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月19日消息,唐纳德-特朗普,美国亿万富翁,共和党总统候选人,这位强势的美国人告诉别人自己不接受失败。   或许很多都听过一句话他说过的一句话“美国再也没有赢过”;2015年6月17日,特朗普在纽约市第五大道特朗普大厦宣布,决定参加总统大选。“我正式宣布参加美国总统竞选,我们要让美国再次强大起来!” 特朗普   自然,好战的特朗普不会放过现任总统奥巴马,并且在其爱打高尔夫方面进行了批判。“如果与奥巴马打高尔夫,肯定是我赢,我是认真的”特朗普非常自信“总统想打高尔夫,这当然可以。但是他应该与那些他想要达成交易的人或者国会议员或者来自其他国家的政要打,而不是任性的跟他朋友打”。   特普朗说:“我赢过很多高尔夫,许多俱乐部锦标赛”。不过在现实中,也没有人见过特朗普与奥巴马在球场上带到谁能更胜一筹。美国著名的黑人演员塞谬尔-杰克逊叫特朗普为骗子,并称他是那种不管结局会怎样,嘴上都要赢的人(嘲讽特朗普爱作秀)。相关的主题文章: