Too high The price paid in the new network actors money rules and unspoken rule – in

Too high? The price paid in the new network actors money rules and unspoken rule – because CCTV shelling actor high fee, this entertainment circle "long-standing" recently once again become a new topic. The last round of the "paid" become the industry as well as the enemy of the people before and after 2011, when the highest price rumors for a single set of 1 million, which is the most popular actor in a drama about to get 30 million to 40 million reward; this round, paid peak leaps up, according to the media exposed the data, some of the top actors of the single drama reward has to count the billion. One way of looking at a person, the equivalent of about 70% of the entire crew take investment, is now the television industry survive the Jedi Chinese a deformity of the food chain, it is easy to be visually identified "too high" and "must contain"; however, there is also a view, especially some industry insiders believe that the price should be decided by the market, not Chinese offered the quality of TV series whole cliff style decline "original sin". Why a seemingly simple question will have different views, how to treat the actors? First, we need to figure out the money rules and unspoken rules. Rule one: money crazy pass high paycheck is mostly false according to media disclosure figures, such as Xun Zhou "Yi biography" 95 million, "Sun Li Fan Bingbing 60 million mi month biography", "legend" Gao Yuanyuan 30 million "later, let’s get married" Wu Yifan 25 million, price 120 million, Luhan price 0.8-1 million, Yang Yang quotes 70 million Yan Yi wide, "Sui Tang" 40 million, "the legend of Zhang Han" tycoon 35 million. These prices are true? As a commercial secret, and artist itself has a variety of payment fee, tax income each person exactly is difficult to verify, but see this quotation, BYD reporter linked to the broker, producer attitudes are very consistent: not so high, some people even the actual fee is very low. One of the actors in the above list before the broker clearly told reporters BYD, the actor in the play, the actual fee only public number 1/4; and a senior producer said, the contract price is usually lower than the actual price agent. The conclusion is that the most crazy high paycheck is false. Usually, the actor paid large floating fee. Have a good script, good team, active or symbolic received a discount package price is common. Sun Li receivedhis "Mi month biography" coincided with a four-star drama a drama two weeks, making budgets shrink dramatically, many war scenes canceled, she also volunteered to adjust the fee. Otherwise, if in accordance with the market price, Zheng Xiaolong should not return after the "empress Zhen?". Rule two: money actor often paid shares especially the tip of the Pyramid actor line characters, is to carefully conceal mentioning fee. Investors are also wary of public statements, said more sensitive to fear, said less afraid of offending actors. In fact, in recent years, in order to avoid sensitive areas, and add a lot of actors fee payment and cash. For example, the strength of voice actors, usually by way of shares and raise fee相关的主题文章: