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"Tonight" fetish decryption abnormal love – Sohu entertainment April, a documentary about "fetish" movie "fetish" urban emotion network wide release, the film directed by Xu Guokun, the young actor Feng Zeyu, Arale, starring Ye Jianfei, Caina wangm. Li Chenghui and a careless film appearance of sunshine Xu Jiajia is a pair of lovers, they have a dull, warm life of cohabitation, however, next door neighbor beauty coming, broke it all…… The movie "fetish" actor Li Chenghui has an unspeakable secret: his stockings, high-heeled shoes have a strong desire and fantasy, is a "fetish" patients. He was afraid of his girlfriend Xu Jiajia said he was abnormal, not directly explain their desire. An intimate, Li Chenghui suddenly turned up to take out a pair of stockings, it is urgent to let his girlfriend put on, was rejected by his girlfriend, two people from the heart of the gap. Soon after, moved next door to a wealthy encounter abandoned mistress Zhang Nan, Zhang Nan is hot, especially love wearing high-heeled shoes and stockings, Li Chenghui often all eyes stared at Zhang Nan, until one day, he can’t stand it any longer, he climbed into Zhang Nan’s bedroom window…… Li Chenghui will obey their own desires, and the next stockings beauty passion collision, or confess to his hobby, and his girlfriend to the old, or from the indulgence of evil, and toward the path of crime? "October" fetishists network released declassified "unknown Fetish" in patients with psychological distance.相关的主题文章: