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The Xinhua News Agency for the transfer of 132 million stake in the future of business integration telling holding imaginative hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: Xinhua News Agency for the transfer of 132 million equity securities telling holdings Times reporter Yue Wei has with the Qihoo 360 and Meizu scandal telling holdings backdoor news (000829), after the reorganization fails in August this year, the largest shareholder has now embarked on the transfer of control of the road. And in October 20th, telling Holdings has just announced that it will invest 200 million yuan to subscribe for Meizu capital, get 0.66% of its equity. The evening of November 6th, telling holdings announcement, the largest shareholder of Chinese news development Shenzhen Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the new Shenzhen company) intends to the public for the shares of the transferee, all day held by the transfer of holdings of shares 132 million shares, representing 13.76% of total share capital, the transfer price of not less than 11.83 yuan shares. Company’s share price closed at 11.28 yuan before the suspension, the transfer price is about $5% premium. Statistics show that the controlling shareholder of the new China Shenzhen Xinhua news agency. Because telling holding more dispersed ownership structure, the company said no controlling shareholder and actual controller. The matter has been approved by the Ministry of Finance on the day before the open call for a period of 5 days (November 7th -11 11). The new Shenzhen company to set up the stock transfer conditions include: quasi transferee, the transferee or the actual controller to set up more than three years, the profit for the last three years and no major violations of the law; a transferee at the end of 2015, the size of the net assets of 6 billion yuan, 2015 operating income of 1 billion yuan more than 2015 annual operating profit more than 200 million yuan; the proposed transferee has a clear business development strategy and development plan, the ability of listed companies to improve the quality of assets, improve the financial situation of listed companies and enhance sustainable profitability. A review of trends, years telling holding operation more, gains and losses. Last November, the remaining equity Tianyin Holdings subsidiary core acquisition planning to suspend chinatelling 30%, and further increase of Listed Companies in the field of distribution in the mobile phone business, the transaction price of 612 million yuan, the company disclosed the trading plan in April this year. However, during the 9 months after the restructuring failed miserably. In August this year, telling holdings announcement, because of chinatelling 2016 semi annual performance is not up to expectations, continue to promote the restructuring will face great uncertainty, so the transaction is terminated. Telling holding promised within 3 months longer restructuring, however, after more than a month, telling holdings again on September 29th suspension, shareholders of the new Shenzhen company began planning the transfer of ownership. It is worth mentioning that the termination of the restructuring in August this year, the investor briefing, facing investors asking Qihoo 360 regarding the backdoor, telling Holdings said positive rumors untrue. After a lapse of two months, October 17th, Tianyin holdings held again on Investors相关的主题文章: