The woman bought a new floor is more boring flying insects or foreign species running man 20130908

The woman bought a new floor is more boring flying insects or foreign species, Ms. Yu to buy a batch of solid wood flooring last month, made a few days later, we found a floor out of many holes, and some red worms fly out. This is a terrible thing. The floor dealers promised her to replace the one floor, but Ms. Yu did not agree, "it is just a piece of the floor there is a problem, if the floor time also have other flies out? That is not my kingdom. The flies." Yesterday, the reporter contacted the factory floor to understand, now they do not know what is the insect specific biological species, presumably from the floor of the raw material origin of russia. After receiving complaints from consumers, they are actively contact the experts of the Academy of forestry, hoping to get a clear. The floor out of a lady who lives in Ningbo Yu lzong boring people and their homes. In August, she ordered a batch of flooring in the mall of the National Mall, a total of more than and 20 square meters, the price is $292 per square meter, ready to shop in the bedroom of the two. At that time, the floor dealers sent workers to lay. So the floor paved a few days later, Ms. Yu accidentally found one on the floor out of many small holes, and red insects emerge, see Ms. Yu hairs stand up. "The floor is laid in the bedroom, these do not know where to drill out of the worm, in case of what kind of bacteria?" Ms. Yu found the floor of the dealer, the replacement of all the floor. After receiving the complaint, the dealer came to view the situation, said he would like to replace this insect insect floor, but ms.. "Now only to find this piece of floor there is a problem, in case the other floor after there are insects crawling out, the light for a floor what is the use?" Ms. Yu said yesterday in an interview with reporters. For Ms. Yu’s request, floor dealers said it could not accept, at present only to find a floor of a problem, but you have to replace all the floor, which is no reason." GB pecky less than 5 ms. Yu the reporter saw in the shooting of the video, there are more than and 20 holes in the floor surface is mainly concentrated, the side of the floor, the naked eye can reach a diameter of 2 mm bore holes of nearly ten. Ms. Yu to buy this product is also known as oak flooring, hardwood floors, a wood. After inquiries from reporters learned that for pecky floor, GB has a clearly defined. In the "GBT15036-2001" in the national standard of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring on "appearance quality" column from three levels made rules on holes: excellent products can not be boring; grade 5 not less than 0.5 mm in diameter (0.5 mm) of the wormhole; even qualified general. Can not be 5 less than 2 mm in diameter (2 mm) bore hole. Russia is flying insect species? It is understood that the origin of the national Hong floor Ningbo, Yinzhou. Reporters on the Internet to inquire, the company called Ningbo Guo Hong Wood Co., Ltd., the main production and operation of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and other products. The official website of the introduction is so written: "Guo hung wood in Southeast Asia, south.相关的主题文章: