The True Power Of Great

UnCategorized A major element in improving leadership effectiveness is the ability to overcome blocks to progress and access more of our true power. Most people don’t realise that moving past their doubts and fears to expand self-awareness and self-confidence can be exhilarating. It’s also a crucial process for leaders, both from a personal perspective and in facilitating and encouraging growth in others. The doubts and fears can otherwise grip us in a way that inhibits action and makes us powerless. In this article, I’d like to explore what I mean by the word "power". The interpretation that I intend has no relationship to the way that many people think of it. It has nothing to do with control over others. This is the goal of egomaniacs and is force, not power. Force has limited ability to affect anything for the good because it always produces opposition and automatically creates an opposing counterforce. By polarising rather than unifying, it escalates conflict and creates a system of winners and losers. Winners then have to perpetually be on the attack or defence to maintain their position. The people who involve themselves in this sort of battle don’t realise that their actions actually block them from experiencing the feeling of power that they are seeking. They will always struggle and never be satisfied. At the same time, the "losers" that they create are dissatisfied and they underperform. This is exhausting for everyone and in business is extremely costly as it can never produce the best results. Power refers to an internal capability that, like gravity, does not move against anything and cannot be resisted. The type of power that I am talking about is total and complete in itself, requiring nothing from the outside. This is what Nelson Mandela accessed to remain strong, even to become stronger, during twenty-seven years of incarceration. Accessing your true power will make you less controlling and manipulative of others. You will care more and gain the ability to empathise with many more people – a skill that is critical if you are seeking to influence them. Essentially, you gain the ability to create the win-win solutions that most inspire others to be their best. It is the power within yourself that enables you to: – Change your perceptions – Get yourself to do the things that you want to do – Take charge of your growth – Create joy and satisfaction in your life – Open up to other people – Allow yourself to operate from a place of authenticity. Instead of resisting, as force does, power works synergistically with all other things so that the whole becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. If you do not own your power, you will always experience fear because you will have set up a dependency on the outside world being a certain way in order for you to experience happiness. This automatically creates the fear of loss, together with a sense of helplessness, because it is impossible for anyone to completely control what happens outside themself – and attempting to do so can be massively stressful. Although this type of controlling behaviour originates at a subconscious level, this does not diminish its impact. There is a real fear of losing the good feeling that has subconsciously been associated with something in the outside world and this massively shapes behaviours. The solution to feeling good more of the time, therefore, is to realise that the source of the feeling is actually inside you and that it is created by your interpretation of what is going on outside. It is within your capabilities to change your experience at any moment by using your mind differently. Your internal power is the foundation of the kind of leadership that I encourage and help people to develop. The most effective starting point is to take responsibility for leading yourself. Once you learn to liberate your own inherent power you will gain the capability to release it in other people. This process never works the other way around – you have to start with yourself. About the Author: Michael Nicholas is an author, coach, corporate trainer and professional speaker. Drawing on almost 25 years of leadership experience in both military and senior business roles, he now specialises in helping others to become much more effective leaders. Get Michael’s second book, ‘The Effective Leadership Guide’, FREE and with no obligation at: . Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: