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The three TV comedy variety rush, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin and other stars of cross-border fishing gold! Three – Sohu entertainment TV comedy rush variety, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Deng Ya Ping, Fei Yuqing and other stars cross won gold Li Shouzhi reproduced contact QQ1386761 have to say, in recent ten years, is the best time, TV media development opportunities market potential outbreak, hitherto unknown, so many TV talent shows itself earned pours to enjoy the policy and the times bonus. But I have to say that this decade is the most painful period of television, because of the unprecedented competition, in addition to the traditional TV competition more tragic distortion, the new program is brutal competition. A few years ago is a TV singing draft, many TV to join the competition, the last biggest winner from Hunan satellite TV into the Zhejiang satellite TV, it can be said that the market is experiencing aesthetic fatigue down the road. In recent years, TV competition from singing and over to the talent reality show star, many TV joined the fight, but the strongest earn the most is Zhejiang TV, followed by Hunan TV and Oriental TV, Jiangsu TV, Sichuan TV and other TV also follow the trend, but the program spread, a supervision department in on the other hand to suppress, TV and audience in the rational regression estimation, also It is all up with. Competition is the best way to do better than others, or another way, the Oriental TV in a time and again in the competition, find new business opportunities, the first big hit comedy card, from the selection of grassroots people "comedy" The Legendary Swordsman, to hold red after the "help" proud smile. To the joy of comedy "comedian gathered competition" in the past few years, the Oriental TV comedy the market champion windy smile altar. But the competition is so fierce, other TV naturally not looking at a TV thriving, while this type is not excessive competition, mimicking the suit is very natural, so in recent years, the leader of the Zhejiang satellite TV satellite TV’s first suit to seize the market, launched the "comic story", both veteran comedian, and there are new stars to join the showbiz and achieve a new combination of TV variety. Yue Yunpeng, Jia Ling, Shen Teng and other popular comedians joining was very attractive, and never touched the popularity of comedy star Liu Tao, Li Chen and Jiang Xin joined the combination reaction of new forms, is to attract the audience. Has successfully held the "crossover singer" of Beijing TV, has quickly joined the battle to seize the market launch of the comedy, "" the new combination of cross-border comedy, is a veteran comedian and other stars, and more emphasis on cross-border, breakthrough, in addition to some tried comedy actors such as Zhou Jie and Lan Qin to join, and singing the sports star Deng Ya Ping Fei Yuqing and other large cross-border, also very new and attractive, but the audience is really looking forward to this kind of entertainment comedy show relaxed joy. Don’t know how many TV eager for a fight to join, to grab a piece of the market in the comedy not aesthetic fatigue before the cake.相关的主题文章: