The real secret Vanke executives Wang Shi Vanke has been emptied or posterior

The real secret Vanke executives Wang Shi has emptied or posterior Vanke this year, Vanke dispute control of the climax, Hengda spoiler is to create a great imagination. Vanke’s fate seems to have been destined to be divvy up, Wang Shi Vanke management to the outside world full of tragic color. In fact, occupation managers Vanke far from our imagination of so sad and simple, they are already in an invincible position, they in fact there is a larger Empire – Wanfeng department. Vanke management team not only in the management system to identify a cause partner mechanism, but also to create a fully independent operation of the assets of the Wan Feng Department, stealth operation for 17 years. The empire with 170000 battle for control and independent director of Wahson’s bid, gradually surfaced, Vanke is also the people’s posterior occupation manager. "Wan Feng" territory "Wan Feng" has its own independent territory, to Shanghai Wanfeng Asset Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Wanfeng") and China Vanke stock asset management center (hereinafter referred to as "Vanke shares") as the core, although the two companies named after Vanke, but actually from Vanke, formed their own separate systems through funds, resources and brand vanke. 4 information management plan Jiancang Vanke, the market value of 27 billion yuan. Shanghai Wanfeng and Vanke Stock Co., Ying Ying Center through the complex relationship between equity successfully connected business partner Vanke economic profit bonus design partnership, partnership, Mei Mei Sha Sha capital, Huaneng Group trustee, set up 4 information management plan, namely Jinpeng No. 1, No. 2, de Jin Peng No. 1, Germany win win No. 2. Vanke   the total share capital of 11 billion shares, the total market value of 270 billion yuan, then the previous 4 Wahson exposed capital management plan holds a total of more than 10% shares (1 billion 100 million shares), the market value of nearly 27 billion yuan. Frequently shot two market. In addition to the 4 information management plan Jiancang Vanke, Shanghai Wanfeng was also ranked in urban and rural areas of Beijing, Tianhai investment, Wanhong group ten tradable shareholders list. Industrial real estate and old. In 2015, Shanghai Wanfeng and LaSalle bank real estate company co founded the city in the new Industrial Holdings Limited ", which Wanfeng assets invested 20 million yuan, accounting for 12.5% of the shares. Private equity fund industry. Wan Feng, Shanghai Vanke and corporate stock center appeared on the list of a number of private equity fund shareholders. For example, Vanke shares Vanke center and trade unions in the city funded junly (Tianjin) equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) partner. Vanke enterprise asset management center, Vanke Union are real estate private equity investment management institutions in Shanghai City Alliance shareholders, the shareholding ratio of 3%. Yu Liang is also one of the directors of the Shanghai Midtown alliance. In the city Department of a number of private equity companies and information management companies have appeared in Shanghai Wanfeng, Vanke enterprise stock center, Vanke union figure. "Wan Feng," another important private equity investment institutions for Shanghai Matthey friendly Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Matthey friendly"), the company’s predecessor was founded in 1993 in Shenzhen City, Vanke Financial Consulting Co., Lei相关的主题文章: