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UnCategorized Harry Direen is Xpriori Chief Architect. Dr.Harry Direen received his PhD in wavelet theory and embedded systems. His strong background in mathematics as well as product design have made him ideally suited to direct technical development efforts for a technology as mathematically intensive as XMS. Dr. Harry Direen is active in the academic .munity with ties to the University of Colorado and the Colorado Center for .putational Biology. Speaking about Harry Direen is in.plete without referring Xpriori. Xpriori is a privately held .pany headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO USA. The .pany was established in September 2003 to fulfill the vision of providing the infrastructure engine and unique solutions for the next generation of information management using the .pany’s patented Digital Pattern Processing (DPP) technology. DPP is the perfect match for persisting and managing XML. With their highly flexible XMS product – a truly native and fully transactional XML database "" they enable developers to provide innovative solutions primarily in the business intelligence, related analytical tools and content management markets. Relying on the structure of XML – no shredding or rows and columns– XMS is a fully self-constructing database with special capacity to support unified information management systems and the development of tools for dynamic content and information management. XMS deploys in open systems .puting environments, including Windows, Solaris and Linux. Illustrating the broad capacity of XMS, they have developed two end user solutions that operate on XMS – Insight, a powerful discovery, exploration and analytical tool; and XCM, a robust decision support application featuring advanced content management, collaboration and knowledge base, supported with corporate search and OCR functionality. The .pany has ten patents issued and anticipates continues to apply for and receive more on a frequent basis. The .pany is self-funded through its management team and non-institutional investors. Judith DiRenzo is C.H. Briggs Hardware Chief Financial Officer – C.H. Briggs .pany. As Chief Financial Officer, Judith DiRenzo provides oversight and management of all financial functions, including financial planning and budgeting, corporate accounting and reporting, tax, and risk management. Judy brings more than 30 years of strategic and financial leadership experience in corporate finance. Prior to joining C.H. Briggs in 1997, Judy served as Chief Financial Officer for Meridian Securities. Prior to Meridian Securities, Judith DiRenzo served as Assistant Vice President of data integrity for Lincoln First Bank N.A. Judith DiRenzo began her career as a senior auditor at KPMG. Judy is a CPA and holds a B.A. in Accounting from Franklin and Marshall College. Robert DiRenzo is Virtua VP. Virtua also provides services through an ambulatory care center in Camden and a wide range of other services, including rehabilitation and long-term care centers, home care, physical therapy and Mobile Intensive Care Units throughout Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and surrounding counties. Virtua also operates a health and wellness center in Washington Township and plans to open another in Moorestown. Robert DiRenzo strongly believes," Take profit into account as late as you can; take expenses into account as early as you can" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: