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The painter draw water from the launch site stack Kau sketch launch site by the Guangdong Province Artists Association, sponsored by the Planning Committee of Guicheng Street office, Guangdong province painting society, Nanhai District of Foshan Federation of literary and art circles, the Guicheng Street propaganda style office, Nanhai District Cultural Center, the South China Sea Artists Association and Guicheng Artists Association Co, Guicheng Street Cultural Center hosted, Guangzhou East Lai Arts Center planning organizations "Guicheng king? Guicheng. Fujian Kau Guangfo painter stack water" in November 4th to 6 in the South China Sea beautiful Guicheng. Water rhyme Township charm the two city regions are connected, the history of each other, cultural identity, Guicheng is located in Nanhai Guangfo center, in order to let people know more about the Guicheng’s local customs and practices, the painting is the 2016 tenth Guicheng leisure? One of the fashion culture festival series of activities, invited the Guangdong province and the South China Sea Institute of Painting Artists Association Guicheng Artists Association, a total of 80 painters to the Guicheng river head, Kau village stack freehand sketching folk songs, indulge in autumn water, painted leisurely free heart like. Guangdong province freehand Oil Painting Society president Yang Yao Lin Jianqin in a media interview Cha Ji Cun (in) and the painter Yang Yao exchange reporter in the river village villagers see, Bangshui life is still there. Old house old house and rebuilt many repairs, can still see the old. Confucian Temple, the ancestral hall and other typical Guangdong houses and streets in the village are still retained. It is precisely these can still see the characteristics of the "head of the river Sau" became one of the South China sea. Tea village is a typical village in the town of Kau stack, renovation lasted more than 600 years countless tumultuous transformation, and what is the ancestral hall, where Zhuang ancestral hall, into just what Jun Yu ancestral hall, where the tea base village still retained the ancestral hall. Into the tea base village, the most common is the combination of banyan long roots hanging on the river, Kanabe Keiko fragrance, simple and leisurely…… Guangdong province painting society member Ye Weiming not only live painting, also wrote a poem "autumn water": "Kau stack walk leisurely Zhu Qing Xi diffuse, green duck play delta. Trees shade the window noisy birds, Pingqiao water smoke silk pillow. Linjiang poet Yin Fu idle, the waves singing fish late boat. Lingering affection poems in a dream, a heart to send home." Artists have said that they want to retain the original ecology, in the form of painting to show the artistic effect. Folk songs sketch folk painting scenes of Guicheng in the South China Sea culture highlights station Lin Jianqin said in an interview with reporters, invited the artist into the stack Kau Guangfo water painting creation, the ancient village architecture, water culture scenes are a blend of creation, show Guicheng Kau village ancient rhyme stack this wind, on the other hand to promote Guicheng culture, leisure and fashion the image of the city. Folk painting scenes folk painting scenes during the period of three days of folk songs, artists of a water theme involves one appearance, whether it is a river, or a cottage, everywhere scenery, full of artistic conception. In November 23rd, this group of folk painting exhibition will be on display in the South China Sea Culture museum.相关的主题文章: