The new song Daddy seeks to break Thick smell of gunpowder firepower! – new network mide-031

"The new song" Daddy seeks to break? Thick smell of gunpowder firepower! – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, continue to occupy the Friday night prime time ratings of the first "new song" China, Friday night will usher in the third stage mentor melee. Wang Feng with the "dream team" and Jay Chou’s "surface strongest team for the first time confrontation, two tutors regardless of former daddy love for the students union, canvassing directly against each other, to the other shouted words is the slightest unflinchingly. Since Jay Chou and Wang Feng established the "Daddy alliance", in a "pink" voice, which captured the vote "Daddy powder" on the combination, become the most important in Qiangjing interactive tutorial. Seeing the show has aired a half, Jay Chou and Wang Feng are in the melee instructor stumbled, not only is the program group forced to split, also let two people become a rival. Compared to five for the wartime fight in the group difficult, Jay Chou said the melee tutor more exciting, once released rhetoric field force group off opponent — "today really can not sense of balance". In order to win in the momentum, Jay Chou also to the Wang Feng clan students collective propaganda, show their true level, is the best respect. Voice fell, the fierce competition in the field of gunpowder was instantly pushed to the climax. Before the second two instructors also sing songs with frequent mutual love, one second after the two men zoned for camp, instantly into the life and death battle with music. Jay Chou Wang Feng’s feet high technology, daogaoyizhang. On the occasion of the war, as the soul of the dream team mentor Wang Feng, do not forget to win the jury with the right to vote, sincerely express the difficulty of the players to prepare for the game is not easy, I hope the media can just vote. At the same time, he also warned his students to come up with a different feeling to conquer the judges". See Wang Feng and Jay Chou. The jury is also an occasion to be in full swing, a god up the knife: "we will have to be greater than the Wang Feng group of students is not the same." Aftersound did not fall, live laughter as one falls, another rises. Daddy alliance you come to me to dialogue seemingly ridicule, but firepower, started a tug of war battle tutorial. The feudal lords vying for the throne, who is the winner? Give you the answer on Friday night 21:10 Zhejiang TV "Chinese new song".相关的主题文章: