The new ARPG gank Mobile Games Senki beta storm today easeljs

The new ARPG gank Mobile Games Senki "beta" storm today showdown at the fingertips of blood surging, defend the Stormwind honor at this moment, the new ARPG magic gank Mobile Games Senki "beta" storm peak today. A new game system, debut new heroes and revolutionary ways for adventurers to offer cool new take on an altogether new aspect experience, as if you visit the Stormwind, standing in Stormwind waiting at the door and digital legendary adventure expedition together.   hundreds of heroes Nirvana and return "storm in Senki" every hero has a legendary past, both light and dark, bloody glory, is the hero of the unique color, the Raiders, copy Daguai kills and recruitment means, can make it have some special fast adventure hero, can you want to activate the power to his top game player and cultivate patience, choose the right to form the strongest King Legion lineup.   new gameplay epic, as if too busy to attend to all the end of the tour, screen explosion effects and other words in the description of products, may make the game player impression left fighting and uninterrupted combat, but these are all common non game, playing a copy and attribute stack strange in 3V3 more strong tower killed non-stop Warsong Gulch, national and even the articles and the new spirit of the elements after the stunt develop gameplay, through this new cultivation system, can all lay solid foundation for war games.   welfare to reward after a long wait, let the Magic Party textual long-awaited game finally entered the beta state, if there is no uncountable benefits how to say in the past. In the copy of the game to explore, multiple benefits will let adventurers road ahead smoothly, to complete the daily attendance, achievement and following system guidance instructions, can receive numerous awards, and actively participate in the activities of the forum can get more exclusive packs, hurry to join come in.   "storm Senki" is a set of magic and MMO in one of the innovative ARPG Mobile Games. The game uses style building hundreds of Europe and the United States Department of Q version of the hero, with the industry’s highest level engine super gorgeous screen explosion effects, combined with the end of the tour as rich combat system, 3V3 blood fighting people encirclement, BOSS, competitive ladder, and super position guard battle five kill gank perfect combination, to create the next generation peak masterpiece, game player to lead beyond the reality of the magical continent.相关的主题文章: