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Security Council third inspection group to check the rectification of fire safety Harbin interviewed the newspaper news (reporter Gao Hongfei) recently, the Third Committee of the State Council inspection group of Harbin city carried out the work of production safety inspections, spot checks of Harbin Port Authority three port, a lot of fire safety hazards investigation. According to the fire safety inspection of the inspection group held a special safety production will be interviewed. 3, inspection group leader led by Chen Fei, on-site inspections in Daowai District of Harbin city’s Street No. 1 of Harbin Port Authority three port. It is understood that covers an area of about about 200000 square meters of the harbor has built a total of 8 types of market, stationed in more than about 2000 businesses. Focus on examination of the inspection group within the port north mall, Longgang plumbing equipment market, Hong Kong and North mall inventory Kazakhstan cold storage warehouse, found that the North mall automatic fire alarm system in a paralyzed state for a long time, the control room monitoring personnel door post, and undocument; mall 14 fire evacuation stairs, there are 10 people blocked only 4 can be used, 3 of them closed staircases in the fourth layer is not set envelope; between 1 and 2 storey steel structure bearing component of interlayer and roof steel structure without fire processing, and building roof sandwich color steel plate with a flammable material; store nearly 10000 square metres of warehouse goods stamped sixth for flammable sandwich color steel plate, the warehouse only 1 staircases, no fire-fighting facilities in the warehouse, there are dozens of people everywhere, indoor cigarette butts, and also Set up a simple kitchen appliances, fire power source confusion. In the harbor inspection found Longgang plumbing equipment market near the building side by side multiple flammable sandwich color room, between the north and the mall fire spacing less than Kazakhstan; Hong Kong refrigeratory and flea market was "back to back" form of construction, they are not enough to keep the fire distance. According to statistics, inspection group in Hong Kong were sort of more than 20 fire safety problems. 4, inspection group for Harbin Port Authority three port major fire safety hazard held safe production special interviews, listen to the provincial departments and units, the Harbin municipal government and relevant departments on major Harbin Harbor Bureau three port fire safety hazards report by experts, and informed the main problems found in the inspection. Inspection team pointed out that safety related to people’s well-being, is related to the overall situation of economic and social development, we must effectively improve the ideological understanding. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to the work of production safety, the general secretary, the prime minister made important instructions to make clear instructions. In October 28th this year, the Central Political Bureau meeting, General Secretary Xi once again stressed the need to do security work, strengthen the sense of responsibility, the implementation of security system, to curb the occurrence of major accidents, and pointed out the direction for the work safety. Three port serious fire safety hazards, safety management, are not implemented, the main responsibility of the enterprise, lack of industry departments regulatory responsibility of fire administrative law enforcement trifled with outstanding issues, is the biggest hidden dangers of fire safety inspections found since, must cause the attention of provincial and municipal governments, departments and units, Party committees and governments at all levels and departments in charge of industry and business the supervision department and management unit.相关的主题文章: