The murderer has not slept, do not understand the scale is the law of Mathematics (video)

"The murderer is not sleep" cannot read the large scale mathematical law "is the murderer is not sleep" director Janice Man breakthrough special scale Tencent entertainment news when you think Qiu Litao’s film can only exist in the computer hard disk, directed by him the "murderer" has not slept in October 21st on the big screen mainland; when you think you can simply feel the "Hongkong B movie" king of hardcore works on the big screen, please be careful of this suspense thriller burned the brain. In the film, Qiu Litao constructed a selection problem based on "Monty Holzer" law, "probability" as a maid kidnapping puzzle clue. It cannot read without doubt his intelligence, Qiu Litao is the kind of fans of the perception. To introduce the mathematical problem that the details of human mystery truth "a mathematical genius, a married woman, a" probability ", adding an algebra", the trailer had the words of this kidnapping show field chamber. Janice Man played a rich girl who is about to get married but Simin was attacked, after waking up naked prisoners in secret. She and the old lover of mathematical genius Fang Muzhe (Andy Hui decoration), fiance husband (the role of the decoration of the relationship between the) should go from here, all because of the change of the night of the day of the month, and so on, as well as the mathematical genius of the old lady, who was the first lady of the world in the world. She was born in. Compared with Qiu Litao’s works in the past, this theme does not seem to be imprisoned room so bloody, but without losing the suspense thriller. "We want it to be a fun and entertaining movie." Qiu Litao said that the use of commercial elements and the analysis of the social problems are very important. In the world, there are many women were raped, violated, the courage to reveal to the public alarm, but less and less, "the first is because of such a thinking, to develop such a story, eventually made into a film." Asked why the "Monty Holzer’s law" as the film clue, Qiu Litao explained: "in fact, Monty Holzer’s law in mathematics is a concept with very high mathematics accomplishment in order to understand the law in the first row in the myth of mathematics. In fact, this law is the logical and mathematical ideas down, in the middle involves a choice of the problem, I hope the metaphor of life in the process of choice." These include learning, work, spouse, children and so on, but also have in misfortune after choosing jasmine. "Sometimes it’s right, sometimes wrong, what will happen after the mistake, someone will use probability to decide. These myths are also very interesting, there are certain mathematical foundation to understand these theories." The use of this critical point, he seems to have a "provocative" audience IQ pride. But once Simin make a choice at the end of the film is quite subversive, let the audience feel humanity terrible, Qiu Litao said, "most people have an evil dark side, sometimes face difficult choices in life, good and evil struggle as a result." Qiu Litao is also in the film the placement of some help the audience understand the plot elements, such as the opera "Turandot". "On the one hand, the opera is compared with the middle status in the Chinese society, on the other hand," Turandot "this is the story of the princess to get married before the hate of men, because of her ancestors had been male.相关的主题文章: