The most stringent national test 4 test 64 thousand people in Jiangsu today written exam

"The most stringent national test today written test 64 thousand Jiangsu 4 people take modern Express News (reporter Xiang Fenghua Wen Zhao Jie Chang) November 27th morning 9 points, central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 annual civil service examinations written kicked off. Modern Express reporter learned that this year the total number of candidates in Jiangsu area for 64124 people, an increase of 7645 over last year. Jiangsu Province, the establishment of Nanjing district and Wuxi, Xuzhou, Yangzhou 3 sub district, a total of 40 test sites, 2140 room. Among them, the Nanjing District of Wuxi area and 32929 candidates, 10649 candidates, 10787 candidates in Xuzhou area, Yangzhou area examinee 9759 people. All candidates are held in November 27th the administration occupation ability test and the application on the two exam. 8 in the morning, the modern express reporter rushed to the Nanjing Forestry University, exam in front of the building is full of people, some while eating a steamed stuffed bun while watching the notebook, or through the presence of mobile phone information, some chatting together. It is reported that the exam, Jiangsu the center of the school will send more than 4000 examiners, examination staff undertake the relevant examination tasks; provincial civil service department sent more than 100 staff in the center of supervision, guidance and participate in specific work; the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, human resources and social security department also sent inspectors to on-site inspection of Jiangsu Province supervision and examination work. Modern Express reporter learned that the examination of each test center is equipped with a radio signal shielding device, ID card identification device and other safety equipment, arrange police officers on duty, car radio monitoring and irregular inspections, security network security department has also implemented 24 hours online examination of public opinion monitoring, multi pronged, severely dealt with various intentional interference and destruction the normal test order and crack down on various illegal and criminal acts involving examination, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the candidates. In addition, the provincial department in charge of civil servants will be invited to the news media and the discipline inspection and supervision departments of the examination work of the entire supervision, and increase the integrity of the examination rules and examination policy propaganda, serious further safeguard the civil service exam, and strive to create a fair, civilized and orderly examination environment. After the end of the written exam, all candidates answer card will be served by the state designated scoring points, by the national organization of marking. Candidates will be issued by the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the national civil service bureau through certain channels and channels.相关的主题文章: