The Mekong River action conference Eddie Peng was named m abused addictive shake (video) pppd-175

"The Mekong River action" conference Eddie Peng was named "M abuse addiction shook the Mekong blood battle action" golden week + Eddie Peng Dante Lam exposed the "no bottom line Tencent (the entertainment news week Chentu Xue Jianyu video o ocean) in September 7th, according to the" 10· 5 China crew killed Golden Triangle incident "into the action movie" the Mekong the river action "held a press conference in Beijing, directed by Lin Chaoxian and starring Eddie Peng debut. The film is Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng following the "hassle", "broken wind" after the third cooperation, after the two movie hell, this is no exception, said Eddie Peng has to endure hardship and guide partner, "no bottom line" admission has become the masochistic actor. The same day, the winter producer also said that he believes that by virtue of the film, Dante Lam will enter the "one billion club". Eddie Peng and Lin Chaoxian talk about cooperation of three said no bottom line abused Lin Chaoxian film has always been famous for its child actor in the industry is called the "devil director". But with Lin Chaoxian Eddie Peng repeatedly said: "the director at the time of filming the very few quietly sitting in the back of the monitor, often follow everyone suffering." The same day, according to the film side exposed the documentary revealed that Dante Lam was 6 inch centipede bite in the studio, the staff is quite worried. The forest guide explained that he is actually inadvertently help Eddie Peng block this one, "I try to help him in the other day, the staff and the actors lying on the ground for a long time all right, I’m wearing thick socks just special ‘lucky’ being bitten." Eddie Peng also praised the director desperately, to the hospital immediately came back to play a needle to continue to start, to see him so spell, how can we not fight!" But from time to time showing the tacit understanding, two people worked three times at the scene also shows the "side kill", Lin Chaoxian said he always could not help but want to challenge Eddie Peng’s line, "after the cooperation several times found that this person had no bottom line, had to try to lower the value of he yan". Eddie Peng smiled and responded: "the director knows I love the challenge of fear, may I shake M metrosexual man actor". Eddie Peng also complained that every shoot a movie director say to yourself next time the role of the handsome and not hard, the results of each department is deceived, "with the forest guide cooperation is not the bottom line, the first shot" hassle "only shorts, shot second times only" broken wind "tight clothes, this time to" the Mekong River action "to see their clothes and there are so many other, especially happy, but did not expect to ‘destroy’ face." Originally, the film in addition to a large number of action, otherwise the Eddie Peng "disfigurement" scenes, but also the completion of 6 different change in just 40 seconds of time. Eddie Peng laugh, because the face changing success, often mistaken by the local people, "the studio staff did not recognize me, say Thai to me, I love to buy things with makeup, who did not recognize me." Based on real cases in confidence "the Mekong river washed one billion film adapted from the" action "create a great sensation 10· 5 cases of the Mekong River", tells the story of a team of action in order to unlock the hidden Chinese killed the merchant seamen conspiracy, and attempted to ferret out drug trafficking case behind the story. Conference site.相关的主题文章: