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The landmark Handan illegal construction, real estate, original title: Handan landmark building illegal construction, JINGWAH Times News (reporter Lv Gaojian) yesterday, insiders broke the news, Hebei Handan landmark International Financial Hotel IFC, private developers to increase the use of the area, illegal construction of buildings, they repeatedly failed to report. Handan urban and Rural Planning Bureau responded that the relevant departments have been ordered to investigate. Currently, the Handan Urban Management Bureau has been involved in the investigation. IFC is located at International Financial Hotel Congtai District Fu Street East and northeast of Handan city Congtai Road intersection angle, Handan central business district CBD significant business complexes and landmarks as well as Handan’s first green business complex. Handan Real Estate Development Co., ltd.. Public information, the project covers an area of 6005 square meters, construction area of about 42000 square meters, the building height of about 100 meters, underground parking floor, the ground floor of the 23. Insiders, in August last year, he was ready to purchase International Financial Hotel in IFC, when the price per square metre 9000 yuan, the developer promised to buy 100 square metres Xianfang send another 30 square meters, but sent part can not do real estate license, he felt suspicious not immediately buy. In May this year, he went to the house, the developers found that large scale construction, from 6 to 22 floors, most are covered in the construction of double deck girder. The insider said, he also found at the construction site, part of the planning chart shows the courtyard building, the developers in order to sell the housing area, without changing the original design and planning of the original structure, according to preliminary statistics, increase the area of about 8000 square meters, there are serious security risks. Then, they repeatedly reported to the City Planning Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, the county government and other relevant departments, were unsuccessful. Insiders provide 11 in 2016, the Handan Municipal Urban Planning Bureau "on the real estate zejin zejin financial building project of illegal construction to the letter, after verification: January 29, 2014 for the" construction planning permit ", April 18, 2016 for the Planning Bureau of planning conditions to verify, not the existence of illegal construction behavior has been found, through the construction of project approval, and has been put into use. Ze Jin real estate and building internal construction, unauthorized adjustment of the building structure, the construction of the internal block. According to the municipal government related to the spirit of the planning bureau is communicated and transferred to the relevant departments, shall be punished according to law. Yesterday afternoon, the relevant person in charge of Handan City Planning Bureau confirmed to reporters that this letter is issued by them, when the petition Department received a report from the masses to the City Planning Bureau, the Council responded. The responsible person said, according to the new division of responsibilities, it does not belong to the jurisdiction of the City Planning Bureau, urban management department shall be in charge of. Then the reporter called the Handan Urban Management Bureau, the relevant person in charge of Mr. introduction, because the planning team is in the preparatory stage, many of the work can not be carried out, only to do the preliminary investigation. After receiving the report, evidence, video, has been involved in the investigation. Yesterday, the reporter repeatedly call the deputy director of the Handan County in charge of the matter and Mr. Liu Jin real estate general manager相关的主题文章: